sculpture – mushroom world (head space p2)

sculpture – mushroom world (head space p2)


These photos are from making the 3D piece of work, I found this easier than i though but then I had to take it home due to covid and it got smashed from the journey. This made recreating the work very hard.

As I already had the painting done as it was partly an experiment for the next piece, I got a piece of MDF that was the right size and marked out the pilot holes into the canvas. then I started using clay to for the back of the “earth”. I tried to smudge it on the board to it would stick (it didn’t). then I used some of the mushroom I had made to stick in the clay, this was easier as i had added nails into the bottom of them. I did also make new mushrooms which I painted and them dried when I was at the accommodation.

I added the mushrooms and other materials onto the clay (grass is from fake flowers, water is melted crayons, mud is crushed clay and super glue to make it look wet, mushrooms thick leaves, stumps and rocks are all clay) I let the whole thing dry.

I used a mixture of water colours and acrylic to make vibrate colours to paint the clay. i should have cut the board before adding the clay because i wanted the middle (empty) bit out but decided to paint it as the clay was to delicate to saw the wood.

This is the finish look of the work I am really happy with out it has turned out and i feel the 3d element makes the work more inviting.

the idea behind this is how someone who takes drugs to escape realty might see their head space, and they have to take a very long path to get back to real life. the bright colours and friend look is to show how they like being away from reality and in a sense going back to life is like going to the light when your dying.

Introduction – woodwork

Introduction – woodwork

Being introduced into working in the wood workshop.

This is another class I went to in the first week, where we got introduced into working with wood and the machines in the work shop. I also didn’t get any photos of processes on this either as i was working with machines.

The first thing I had to do was use a pair of compasses to create a circle as big as we could on a piece of MDF board that was about 16cm wide. I marked out a circle 15cm wide.

Then I used a bandsaw to 1) Cut the board smaller to make it easier to hold 2)To slowly cut around the circle. This wasn’t too difficult as I have used them before, but I have never done a circle before.

Then I moved on to belt and disc sander to be able to make a perfect circle and smooth out the edges from the saw.

I then used a pillar drill to create a circular hole within the circle. for this I pulled the drill down and went most the way, then I turned the wood over and lightly put the drill down until it centred its self. When it was straight I then pressed down again until it had made the complete hole.

After this is started to do pyrography onto the wood. I love pyrography and have done it for a little bit, it is really something I want to develop. For this I decided to stick to a lily (flower) and add some shading into the flower.

My final piece…..