Drawing – Toned paper

Drawing – Toned paper


I prepped some paper by using tea at first, but I remembered that coffee works a lot better. so I used hot water and coffee to get a tone on the paper adding a lot of the mixture to where I wanted the tone to be darker. I made about 4 pages of this so I decided to make each one a little different.

  • The first page I just used coffee and water
  • The second I used coffee and water and then i added salt as that sucks up the liquid leaving little circles and marks on the paper.
  • The third I use coffee and water mix and then i added some dry coffee. this would dissolve a little bit into the water but make very dark patches that you can draw on giving it a really nice effect.
  • The forth I used the coffee and water mix, I also use salt and dry coffee to see how it would all reacted together.

I didn’t use all of these to draw on though. I used two.

First we did some drawing as a quick starter and i did this on normal paper.

My First Quick Drawing…..

This was my first quick drawing. I decided to use blue because I always use black, greys or whites. I did this to get my out of my comfort zone. This meant I had to figure out how to use the blues for shading and highlighting. This first one I did find hard as this was my first attempt.

So I decided form this I wanted to start with a lighter blue for a base and then slowly go in with the shadowing.

My Second Quick Drawing…..

This was my second one and I haven’t done that much but I did feel a lot more confident doing it. I feel the eyes do work a lot better when working with the highlights and then adding in the shadows.

The next thing I was going to do was paint onto the toned paper, so I decided to stick with blue to see if i could developed it more.

My First Tone Paper (Also Drawing)…..

This was my first tone drawing. I really like the detail or doing each but of the hair not just a dark tone. I think one of my favourite things about this is how I put down a light colour for the hoodie and then rubbed it out to show its was white and very light. I do like how I have positioned it on the paper too.

I wanted to do a bigger drawing next so I tired to use a lot more of the paper.

Second Tone Paper…..

This was the paper that i use the mix of coffee and water on, then I put salt on it. You can see the little white specs on the paper where the salt has taken away the coffee and water.

I remembered this worked from secondary school, so I wanted to see if it would look good with a drawing. I didn’t get to draw on this one though, but I might do it in my own time.

Third Tone Paper…..

For this toned paper I added the water and coffee mix but then also sprinkled dried coffee on to the paper. I love the effect this had on the drawing and how it shows through it. This is probably one of my favourite drawing I have done and I really wan to take it further in my work.

I also really like how I did the top of the hair but I would change. I am not sure how I could do this so I think I going to try different ways in my sketch book.

Forth Tone Paper…..

This paper didn’t turn out how I wanted it to but I still kind of like it. On this paper it had the mix of coffee and water, salt and dried coffee. I didn’t put enough coffee on the paper and I put way to much salt.

I defiantly think I am going to look more into this type of paper. Also want to look into doing a life drawing on to the paper and using the coffee to positions it.

Drawing  – Online Life drawing.

Drawing – Online Life drawing.


This was an online class that one of our lectures did. With in the lesson I had to draw him stood in different positions, but also had to draw another student. For this I had to try and focus on the placement and size of facial features and also tone.

Drawing The Teacher…..

The first drawings on the page without the faces is my drawing of the teacher. For this I was given 10 – 20 mins to draw each pose. This was really hard to do as my internet was down, so I was on a video call with another student to see the call.

These drawings were quite easy, as I was just drawing clothes not the shapes and forms of the human body. But I am happy with how they came out with the time I was given.

Drawing A Student…..

For this I where given another 10 – 20 mins, so I decided to try and do the whole of the student I could see. I had some times left over so I drew antlers on their head, as they where messing around and putting real antlers on their head. I do feel if I have had more time I would have been able to do a lot better. Next time I would concentrate on making it look more realist and more like them but I was worried about the time. I was also using charcoal and I find it so hard to draw with this material.

The second drawing I prefer because I really think the top looks good. I do think that I could make the face look a lot better and realistic.

Drawing David…..

I was then given another task to draw David due to my internet I could not see very well but also the call cut off, so I didn’t get to do much at all. This is what I did mange to do in the call. There was two tasks to draw David in two different potions.

(The photo of David is one I got online so its not the same as what I was drawing).

This is what the statue looked like. but it is not the same one or the same lighting and position.

This is all I manged to get done. due to the internet being down, I am happy with the bits I have done and I like the layout I was heading for. I also am tempted the try and finish it but might leave it till I have my own spare time to do it.

Links To The Reference Photo…..