Drawing – Ink And Stick.

Drawing – Ink And Stick.


For this I had to get a stick and some ink and draw. There was a couple of problems with this. one there was no ink in the studio and two i forgot to get a stick.

Instead I decided to use watered down acrylic and 4 paintbrushes tasked together with masking tape.

My Paint Brush….

First And Second (Stick And Acrylic)…..

The side on face was my first drawing, These are both 5 mins long each. At first this was my attempt on how I could use the stick and paint and trying to see how it would move on the paper. The second Drawing (one facing straight on) is so much better and a lot more confident. I really like the second one as I feel it had better features and better structure.

My Third Drawing (Paint Brushes Taped On My Fingers )…..

This was the third drawing I did. The marks on the face where not ament to be there. They are from wet paint on the bother page. To be able to create this painting I taped two paintbrushes to my fingers and then painted.

I like this piece as I manged to get a lot more done on a bigger scale. I do think if I took my time more I could have been able to do a lot better. I do like the shape of the face though and how I have done the hair and also added the shading to the hair. so I used this technique in to my other drawings.

My Forth Drawing (with two paint brushes taped on my fingers)…..

This was also painted with two paint brushes taped onto my fingers. I did this a lot faster than the first one so it ended up looking like a potato. This is due to the headspace being off by the jaw and also not realistic. I feel like I didn’t care for this one as much.

I feel I could spend more time on the face shape and then start to go in with the eyes and hair to get a better portion and look for the person.

My Fifth Drawing ( Two Paint Brushes Taped Together)…..

This was another painting that I did with the paint brushes taped together. I do like the idea of this as I like the look that it gave off with the two different lines. To improve this I could use to colours and have the different colours on each brush so when they cross they would change colours.

One of my best things on this paintings is the texture of the hair and how having the different brushes loaded with paint would leave the lines and the texture.

I think form this I would take using the two different colours and also how I manged to do the hair.

Drawing (Using Two Brushes Taped Together And Two Colours)…..

At first I hated this painting. I used the light blue to mark how the facial structures and then I went in with red and then to add even more shadow I mixed the blue and red for a purple.

I do like this piece now as I didn’t really want it to look perfect as I knew it wouldn’t, but I do like the colours within it. I decided to add in the splashes of colour partly because it is easier to draw/paint on a page with something on it. this is because it not as intimidating as a white blank page. Also partly because I dropped paint on it.

I then decided I liked how everything is in this so I wanted to do my next one like this too.

Second Drawing (Paint Brushes Taped Together And Two Colours)…..

I do really like how I did the shading within this painting and how I have done the jumper and nose. I do this the face shape could be improved by making it thinner.

I like the colours I used for the hair but I feel the shape of the front of the hair is two high and not natural, so I could make that a little more flat.

I did find this tasks hard but I did like them. at first I wanted them to all look really good and natural but then after realizing the wont I kind of accept they will look more abstract and this let me enjoy it more and actual do better within it. but I don’t feel like I’m improving I do just feel I’m doing the same thing over and over and not getting better.

CPS – Analysing artwork.

CPS – Analysing artwork.

Contextual and professional studies

This is the second part if the CPS task to analyse two art works form artists.

Andres Serrano Piss Christ 1987

This piece is bright and is made from primary colours. The tone spans from light to dark. From this photo I cant really tell the size of the actual statue but it seems as though the materials are a small crucifix submerged within amber or urine. these two materials really stand out. ( found out the photo is 150 by 100 cm.)

This piece is mix media and then photographed, so would be on paper or photopaper, this means it was probably curated within the gallery, to me the context behind it is to bring down Jesus/disrespect him.

He was inspired by his Roman Catholic upbringing and what we though about crist, but also looking into liquids. This lead him to make the sires to show how Jesus was one of us, And that all the liquids he used within the sires would come out of Jesus when he was on the cross.

The context behind the art makes me think of The Renaissance. But the materials remind me of Damin hurst and how he has animals suspended in formaldehyde.

some works from Damian Hurst

Renaissance – Overview – Goodbye-Art Academy – YouTube

A videos on what the renaissance is and about.

‘blood cross’ and ‘milk and blood’ from Andres serrano also within the series

This photograph was taken in 1987and also was a winning piece within the Southeastern Center For Contemporary Arts Award.

He has had quite a lot of interviews. this includes The Gradian and the interview magazine but also with Vice and other smaller companies.

Attack on ‘blasphemous’ art work fires debate on role of religion in France | France | The Guardian

article from the guardian talking about how someone destroyed his work due to hate.


This is a YouTube videos of Andres talking about piss crist and how he got into his art.

Exclusive Interview With Andres Serrano, Photographer of ‘Piss Christ’ | HuffPost

This is an interview by HuffPost i took the question about piss crist.

Refence Links…..



Drawing – Toned paper

Drawing – Toned paper


I prepped some paper by using tea at first, but I remembered that coffee works a lot better. so I used hot water and coffee to get a tone on the paper adding a lot of the mixture to where I wanted the tone to be darker. I made about 4 pages of this so I decided to make each one a little different.

  • The first page I just used coffee and water
  • The second I used coffee and water and then i added salt as that sucks up the liquid leaving little circles and marks on the paper.
  • The third I use coffee and water mix and then i added some dry coffee. this would dissolve a little bit into the water but make very dark patches that you can draw on giving it a really nice effect.
  • The forth I used the coffee and water mix, I also use salt and dry coffee to see how it would all reacted together.

I didn’t use all of these to draw on though. I used two.

First we did some drawing as a quick starter and i did this on normal paper.

My First Quick Drawing…..

This was my first quick drawing. I decided to use blue because I always use black, greys or whites. I did this to get my out of my comfort zone. This meant I had to figure out how to use the blues for shading and highlighting. This first one I did find hard as this was my first attempt.

So I decided form this I wanted to start with a lighter blue for a base and then slowly go in with the shadowing.

My Second Quick Drawing…..

This was my second one and I haven’t done that much but I did feel a lot more confident doing it. I feel the eyes do work a lot better when working with the highlights and then adding in the shadows.

The next thing I was going to do was paint onto the toned paper, so I decided to stick with blue to see if i could developed it more.

My First Tone Paper (Also Drawing)…..

This was my first tone drawing. I really like the detail or doing each but of the hair not just a dark tone. I think one of my favourite things about this is how I put down a light colour for the hoodie and then rubbed it out to show its was white and very light. I do like how I have positioned it on the paper too.

I wanted to do a bigger drawing next so I tired to use a lot more of the paper.

Second Tone Paper…..

This was the paper that i use the mix of coffee and water on, then I put salt on it. You can see the little white specs on the paper where the salt has taken away the coffee and water.

I remembered this worked from secondary school, so I wanted to see if it would look good with a drawing. I didn’t get to draw on this one though, but I might do it in my own time.

Third Tone Paper…..

For this toned paper I added the water and coffee mix but then also sprinkled dried coffee on to the paper. I love the effect this had on the drawing and how it shows through it. This is probably one of my favourite drawing I have done and I really wan to take it further in my work.

I also really like how I did the top of the hair but I would change. I am not sure how I could do this so I think I going to try different ways in my sketch book.

Forth Tone Paper…..

This paper didn’t turn out how I wanted it to but I still kind of like it. On this paper it had the mix of coffee and water, salt and dried coffee. I didn’t put enough coffee on the paper and I put way to much salt.

I defiantly think I am going to look more into this type of paper. Also want to look into doing a life drawing on to the paper and using the coffee to positions it.

Painting – Massive paintings.

Painting – Massive paintings.


For painting this week I had to bring in a black tub of house paint and a white tub of house paint. I also needed a big paint brush and a squeegee. I didn’t have a squeegee so i used cardboard instead.

I cut out two piece of paper around 1 meter x 1.5 meters long. Then I tapped it to the floor. I had 30 mins to paint on both piece each. I had to pick a reference image to go off of. so I decided to use the drawing I did of the photo I found online.

(the photo and image is in one of my other posts (a man screaming in black and white)

So before the teacher could tell me to not draw on the paper I had already done this, so I just made sure I didn’t do it for the next piece. Due to having 30 mins I forgot to take photos, as I just wanted to get paint on the paper and fill the whole paper.

This is what I manged to get done within the time I had been given. i really love this piece and how it had turned out.

The Background…..

For the background I just painted around the person with black paint. I also painted the black into he bottom where I knew would be pure black. then I loaded up a big paint brush with white paint and i splatted it onto the paper. when the paint would not splat off the paint brush anymore I would make some brush marks onto the page.

The Mans Chest…..

For this i had already painted where the pure black marks are and then I used the cardboard to get both white and black on it and then I scrapped it against the paper so it would make a gradient from black – grey – white.

I really like the marks this has made on the paper and the look of how it had made the shading. This was one of my favourite bit of the paintings.

The Mans Face…..

I had not really done this bit as I ran out of time but I wanted to do the eyes so I quickly put them in. For this I put down some white paint and then used my figure to add some black on to the white to create a more grey shading for the eyes. Then I used my figure to add a black line for the eyelash line.

I really love the look of his eyes and how I have done them. due to this I decided to leave the rest of the face unfinished.

For his fair I just used a piece of cardboard that didn’t have much paint on and dragged it over the hair line this then left the print of the bumpy floor. This was a really good technique as it gave the texture and look if the hair.

All The Random Marks…..

For most of the marks I used paint that was loaded onto the paint brush to flick paint onto the paper and then dried brush to make the brush marks. Then I used a roll of masking tape top load up paint and then roll it over my painting.

I really like the technique of rolling over the paint as i used this to leave the painting white in-between the lines.

I was then asked to invert the paintings so the colour are the opposite way around. I don’t like this one as much as it too simple for what I like also I had to go do something do I didn’t have a lot of time.

For this I just painted on the black where I had pure white on the last picture. Then I used the card board to create a gradient of the black to white again. I then decided to add in thick white to where the shading would have been on the forehead and eyes. By this time I had ran out of time.

I really done like this painting but I do like the idea of it and having to think of how to invert the painting. because I am not keen on this painting but i really liked my first one I want to make this one in to the collage.

Collaring them…..

(I ran out of time to do this so I am going to do this on Monday so I will up date this when I have finished it)

Sculpture – making wooden box.

Sculpture – making wooden box.


Now I had made the cardboard box. I can move on and start to make it out of wood. I started this on the 26.10.2020.

I took the cardboard box I had made down to the wood work shop. This would be used as a physical plan that I could use. I took the paper plan to use if I needed it, i never did use it as having the box there helped a lot.

At first I had 4 hours within the workshop. this is from 10-1pm. so I wanted to do as much as I could within this time. so as soon as I was in there i talked to one technician to see what they thought I should do then I started straight on to the walls of the box.

Making The Walls…..

I started by measuring out the sizes that I want each wall to be and this was 28cm x 28cm. this was to cut out the whole square without the windows in it yet. I used a band saw to cut these out but I set a block to measure each square to cut at 28cm. As this would make it a lot easier and quicker to cut each square to the exactly right measurement

To make this quicker I taped all the squares together as they are all the same size, so I would be able to drill a hole into one of the corners and then use a (I could be wrong) type of band saw that can nearly do 90 degree turns. I used the to be able to cut against the lines and then get close-ish to the corners and at the end just go in from either side to get the full 90 degree. this meant I could do ass the squares at once.

These where the squares when they were finished, I am happy with out they turned out even thou they are not perfect. I really do like the fact that its not perfect as it does give more of the olden look die to not being a good shape and a bit worn.

Making The Base…..

This was the final drawing of how big and the shape I wanted the base to be. Drawing the base was so much harder than I thought it would be. I didn’t know what angles the lines should be due to my cardboard piece being a weird shape. All I knew is that the lines had to be 27.4 cm, due to the wood being 0.6mm thick. So for the base to fit within the walls it needed to be a bit smaller.

so I started by marking out the bottom line to the side of the wood (so I wouldn’t waste any wood). I marked out half way on the 27.4cm line so I knew where the opposite side of the box should land. I used the walls of the box to put them together with tape so I could place this on to the wood for the base. then I keep moving and placing the walls to how I wanted the shape to be and when I had done that I then drew with a pencil on the inside to have the shape.

When I was happy with the shape I went to the band saw to cut out the shape but I left about 0.5-1cm gap so I could sand it down to make sure that it would fit the box.( photo was before I sanded it down).

Gluing The Walls To The Base…..

These are the photos of me starting to glue on the piece of wall this was kind of easy as it was only gluing them on but it was also hard trying to keep them tightly on. I started by gluing them on at the bottom but then decided to also add a line of glue both above the bottom joint and between each wall to put them together as well.

Second Time In The Workshop…..

This was the ending of 4 hours I had. so I decided to go for lunch. I then talk to some people and no one wanted to use the woodwork room but two other students so I decided to go back in for another 2-3 hours.

For this time I wanted to try and do the roof. little did I know this would be even harder than I thought. it took me cutting out 18 triangle just to get 5 that would fit well.

so I used one piece of wood, as my thought were that if I did one triangle that would fit, all the other would as well if they where the same. this didn’t work as the box isn’t a perfect shape. so I used a piece of card board to cut two triangle that would fit. these ended up being 28cm x 30cm x 35 cm (I think). this took me a lot of attempts and trial and error (in the end took be about 1-2 hours) then when I had worked it out I ended up with two triangle the same, another two triangles the same and the last one was completely different.

This does now mean I had no time to complete the roof into wood so right now it is just cardboard.

This is how my wooden box looks when I had to leave the wood workshop. It was glued together but I left the tap on to make sure it fixed into place.

From this I decided to leave the roof as cardboard, this ended up being a really good idea as it gave it a good effect when painting.

Painting The Box(27.10.2020)…..

This was a very dark brown that i used to paint the entire inside of the box (the floor and the walls). i wanted the inside to be darker than the outside but also carry the oldest look still.

So then I decided to add a lighter colour onto the outside. I wanted to have an old brown wood, so I also added in other browns and a little green while the paint was wet so it looked damaged and old.

This is what all the sides looked like after I had added more detailing into the wood and I decided to add flowers and leaves to add more or a look that its been left for a long time. Then I moved onto the roof.

This was the roof when I sorted out where each bit goes and added a lot of tape to secure the movement of the roof. I knew if I add watered down brown acrylic onto the roof I could get a really nice texture for the roof so that’s what I did.

This was the effect of the roof after the first layer. I didn’t want to take away from the texture but I did want to add more detailing of the colour and look of it. So I lightly added more paint in different shades and a little bit of green.

This is the final look of the box with the painting and wood work. I am really have with how this has turned out. Another thing I want to add if some nature and possibly bones into the box to have a bigger meaning to the piece and a better look. I am not going to do this until I know what the plan if with the box.

Drawing – Drawing on Cardboard.

Drawing – Drawing on Cardboard.


For this online class I knew I would be drawing on cardboard but I couldn’t find my charcoal so I ended up drawing with pastels. But at first I was put into a smaller group of 3 and I had to do a 10 min drawing of both of the other students and then one more.

My 10 Min Drawings…..

This was my first 10 mins drawing. It is really hard to do life drawing this way as we are all trying to draw each other at the same time. This means that no one is staying still and the lighting is always moving around the person.

I really like this piece but I think that the facial shape could be better and that I should have done more detail on hair.

My Second 10 Min Drawing…..

This was my second 10 min drawing. I am not keen on this piece at all because I feel I could have done a lot better. I feel I could have made an improvement on every aspect on this drawing.

This one was hard as she wasn’t looking at the screen and she would keep moving from this angle to look at someone on the call. Due to her drawing as well.

I do find 10 min drawing difficult as I don’t feel I have enough time to make the drawing look right. In terms of proportion and getting the features within the right place on the face.

My Third 10 Min Drawing…..

While making the first two I lost track of time so I ended up with about 5 mins to do this drawing. So I just concentrated on the face and getting the size and features right.

I feel that I did improve from the first one to the last. I do think I would rather spend some time doing it first though, so I just get a better understanding of how to use the material so I can then concentrate on how I can use that to make a face.

Drawing On Cardboard…..

This was my first drawing on cardboard i really liked the process of doing this and the effect it has. how I created this was I used pastels to cover the whole background with black and then I rubbed it in.

I then used the rubber to start taking away from black background, this would give the effect of highlight. I has 30 mins to do this, so I decided to add white to top as she was wearing a white shirt. but also to where there was a lot of highlight (e.g. nose ring, nose and check bone).

My Second Cardboard Drawing…..

At first I preferred the other drawing to this one. I defiantly found the first one easier than this one. That is because this girl had the window behind her so it was hard to decided where the light is on face.

I now don’t know what one I like better. I do like drawing like this, so I think I might look into developing it and see if I could use it within a drawing I will do of a skull. As I have just recently found a rat skull.

Sculpture  – Cardboard Box.

Sculpture – Cardboard Box.


I was set a task where I had to make a box out of carboard. The only conditions where that the box could not just have 4 sides, like a normal cardboard box and one of the sides had to be open.

At first I didn’t know what to do so I just messed around making different shapes with the cardboard then I decided to make a kind of bird cage shape. I wanted to this include a roof with a 5 sides shape and this to lead to the sides having 5 sides and the bottom only 1.


I made some of the plan on the 12.10.2020 when I was first given the task. Then I made the box on the 19.10.2020 and wrote on the plan the changes I want to make and how I could do this in woodwork.

I completely forgot to take photos while making the box as it was not as simple as I thought it would be. I really like the box now and I love the fact i have painted it as a old box as it feel it gives it a better aesthetic.

The Roof…..

I started by making the 5 triangles the roof. This was a stupid idea as none of them are the same size. This means the box has a odd shape but I feel this give it an older look and more character. But this does mean it would be harder to get measurements to make the box into wood.

As I feel like the roof as just the triangles looked off and kind of naked. I decided to add the dropped edges, so that it had more of a flow instead of having a sharp cut off.

The Sides/Windows…..

So as it is a “modified” bird box I decided to have the windows in the side. The idea behind this is that I would add a meshing into the windows, this is to have the feeling of being trapped but you can see in and out but its just harder to.

these walls are just two strips of cardboard that are stood up in each corner. this was one of the hardest parts to create, as I didn’t make it as just a square with a hole in it. Now I have finished it, I know to make the walls as one and just cut the holes into the sides.

To add strength i added in the last bar at the bottom. this is to keep the strips of cardboard at the corners in place and straight. for this whole box i used masking tape to keep everything together.

The Bottom…..

This was the easiest bit as all I did was side the structure onto the cardboard and then draw around the inside and cut it out. Then I use masking tape in order to tape it on to the bottom.

Finally piece…..


Now I have made this box, I am going to make it into wood. The only thing that is going to change is I will make the walls as a whole square and then cut the holes in. The shape will probably change as I can move and bend cardboard a lot more than woods. so the roof works within cardboard so i will have to use trial and error within the wood workshop to be able to get the roof right.