My Studio Space

CPS – Contextual and Professional studies

This is a brief look into how my studio space looks right now after a 2 weeks of being there (4 days).

I went in today for the afternoon and it was actually so nice being in there alone listening to music and just being able to do art. I really needed the time to be able to be alone and it was the perfect space. I stayed for 4 hours and just concentrate on one drawing. my studio space is important to me as it my place to use and do what I want.

The messy faze of my studio space…..

So this was my studio space today, it was the mess created from drawing just one picture. As you can see I like to have everything around me so I can just grab it as it need it. I also work 9 time out of 10 on the floor as I like to have a lot of space and for me I cant even do a drawing on the stupid table.

The neat Studio Space and wall…..

This is my studio space when I get ready to leave. I am defiantly one of them people who make a complete mess and then have to make it so neat before I leave.

Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy

Artist Research – CPS

Andy Goldsworthy is a photographer and sculptor (land artist). He uses the nature around him to create aesthetically pleasing artworks that exsaggerates the beauty of the environment he is in.

When making his art, Andy Goldsworthy makes sure to use natural materials. Then he photographs the work piece. He is also interested within the decay and death of his piece and the natural materials he used as they start to fade away into the land it once grow from.

Andy Goldsworthy is one of my favourite artist due to what materials he uses and how he uses them. But also how he also had the interest of how nature takes back the artwork he has made.

Studio Space (start of true cps post)

Andy Goldsworthy studio space, Due to him working with the nature that he finds when he is out, is the environment he is in.

Goldsworthy respects his studio space as it is the land we live on. It is a calms and tranquil place, where you can just feel the art he is working on. Although sometimes it isn’t a quite as you would think. Some of his work has been on beaches and public land. This has involves people having to move around his work. As annoying as this might sounds it can also be seen as the people are now part of the artwork.

He used all the materials he can find when he is out. He uses leaves for colours and sticks as lines, he has so specialists materials but he uses very specialist techniques to make the art.

The photo below is supposedly his studio, This studio gives a very nature feeling due to how it looks like an abounded look. the way in which I would say he uses his studio is he makes the art and lets it be around him while making other art. this gives a good way of getting inspiration and understand. This and the look of the studio to me gives it a more homely, comforting and inviting look/feel.

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Some of Andy Goldsworthy’s work…..

my studio space…..

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