Drawing – shadows

Drawing – shadows


This is what i have drawn on to the glass I was showing how even if someone says they are ok behind that lie can be so many feeling and thought taking up their mind. i used thick black pen so when putting a light on it to make a shadow it should come out more clear.

this was the results of the shadows I am really happy with it but I would have to think of a way to get a stronger light to make the piece even clearer and better. I really do like this idea and i want to try it more and think of better way to present it.

Drawing – Yutavia George


Yutavia George

link – Light and Darkness – Yutavia George

As I am looking into shadows i saw her work when on a virtual gallery (Trinity buoy whart). I decided to look into these works as they are similar to mine. the collection is called ‘light and darkness’ and mainly shows white and black giving the effect of shadows.

the photo are on the link im not going to put them on here due to copy right, but they are called beyond confinement (and the number of the piece) there was 6 of these. and then there is more, what was in the gallery was the beyond confinement 1,2 and 3.

her work is simple yet seems like there it a lot to get from it. I really like how it is so close up it makes you guess what it is. I feel these are either drawn or painted unlike mine that are actual shadows. but this have given me an idea if i can draw with actual objects to draw a shadow on a wall.