lens – photos over time

lens – photos over time


i decided to look into light over time outside and light over time inside, as these can look very different. so i picked a street light outside and took a photo around once every 2 hours to show how that light changed and how the light from the sun light changes over a day.

Then the second one is how I use my light within an indoor place. so I used a skull in my room as a subject. this looks very different to the outside one as i take a nap in the day so the darkness is broken up plus i don’t normally going to sleep till 2am so the dark time is a lot less.

CPS – outside of art Mini Research Project

CPS – outside of art Mini Research Project

Contextual And Professional Studies

For this I wanted to keep it related to my art, so I’m going to use it to help my painting project as well. I’m going to look in to the sciences and physical way that a human ages over time. (I wanted to look in to cancer but I know a lot about this so I decided to go for something I know less about).

How A Person Ages Over Time – online research

The cognitive function (to start getting “old”). changes a lot within our bodies. What I want to research is growing old but I want to focus on blindness.

Presbyopia (Age Related Eyes Sight Lose)…..

its where the lens of the eye will stiffen, so it wouldn’t be flexible enough to focus on close range objects. This starts around 40s and increasingly get worse until around 65s year old.

Another eye condition is Fuchs’ dystrophy. This is less common but also can be caused by aging and drugs. This is where the outer layer of the eye thickens leaving the eye with a cloudy look to others.

This interested me because it could show how in hindsight ,when we are older, we regret things from when we where younger. This would help me show a humans lifetime within my work as it links the young and old together.

This is a video talking about how it feels to lose vision over age, it focuses on how one made got a lot of anxiety over this.

I found this interesting, This is an artist who talks to blind people to create what they think their loved ones look like. It shows how blind people see without their eyes and its not far off the true look of the subject.

Watch Going Blind (Original Version) Online | Vimeo On Demand on Vimeo

This is just a trailer but I found it interesting as it shows how blindness can effect anyone, but the full videos is a documentary on blindness.

Opinion | Feeling My Way Into Blindness – The New York Times (nytimes.com)
Opinion | Feeling My Way Into Blindness – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

This is an article from The Newyork Times about a person who had gone blind with age. It talks about how he has struggled with it, They also give some ways to help the blind from their view of having it.

Artist Research – using time and aging in their work…..

Marna Clarke – “Time As We Know It”

Marna Clarke is a photographer, she lives in new York. she has a project called “Time As We Know It” this is a project where she takes photos for aging. The main subject of the photos is herself and her partner.

The Project…..

She started the project around 5 years ago. The whole point was to document her “growing old”.

Keith Salmon

Keith Salmon is a blind artist. his work includes bright colours to make landscape pieces

These stood out to me as they still give off the look of a landscape yet he is blind. The vibrant colours and brush work really make this piece put together and creates texture.

10 Remarkable Paintings by Blind and Visually Impaired Artists | Scene360

This was a website I found that had works from blind artist, so i think i will use it for my project as well.

links to Marna Clarke…..








CPS – Analysing artwork.

CPS – Analysing artwork.

Contextual and professional studies

This is the second part if the CPS task to analyse two art works form artists.

Andres Serrano Piss Christ 1987

This piece is bright and is made from primary colours. The tone spans from light to dark. From this photo I cant really tell the size of the actual statue but it seems as though the materials are a small crucifix submerged within amber or urine. these two materials really stand out. ( found out the photo is 150 by 100 cm.)

This piece is mix media and then photographed, so would be on paper or photopaper, this means it was probably curated within the gallery, to me the context behind it is to bring down Jesus/disrespect him.

He was inspired by his Roman Catholic upbringing and what we though about crist, but also looking into liquids. This lead him to make the sires to show how Jesus was one of us, And that all the liquids he used within the sires would come out of Jesus when he was on the cross.

The context behind the art makes me think of The Renaissance. But the materials remind me of Damin hurst and how he has animals suspended in formaldehyde.

some works from Damian Hurst

Renaissance – Overview – Goodbye-Art Academy – YouTube

A videos on what the renaissance is and about.

‘blood cross’ and ‘milk and blood’ from Andres serrano also within the series

This photograph was taken in 1987and also was a winning piece within the Southeastern Center For Contemporary Arts Award.

He has had quite a lot of interviews. this includes The Gradian and the interview magazine but also with Vice and other smaller companies.

Attack on ‘blasphemous’ art work fires debate on role of religion in France | France | The Guardian

article from the guardian talking about how someone destroyed his work due to hate.


This is a YouTube videos of Andres talking about piss crist and how he got into his art.

Exclusive Interview With Andres Serrano, Photographer of ‘Piss Christ’ | HuffPost

This is an interview by HuffPost i took the question about piss crist.

Refence Links…..