Print – lino print skulls and flowers.

Print – lino print skulls and flowers.


to show the idea of time i wanted to show how one life dying over time can be another life growing so i decided to do this through animal skulls and flowers. so i decided to do just a “normal” design before reefing into a design that i would want leading to my “final thing”

First I started off by drawing a design of a bird skull (osprey, or more knows as a sea hawk). When I had done the design then slowly went into cutting the lino and keeping the bits I had drawn as they where the bit I wanted to be covered in ink.

these photos show the lino block and all the prints i had made form it i defiantly prefer all black as i feel it is m ore clear. from this i moved on the another design. for the nest i wanted to make it less business and have a skull with little foliage. so i used mushrooms and leaves and a smaller skull (fennec fox).

i really loved doing this one as while craving it i didn’t think it was going well but once i had rolled the ink on it i really liked it. i think this is one of my favourite things about lino print is the idea of i don’t truly know how it will look until the ink is on it.

i think i want to head in this direction for print or dry point but I’m still going to look in other way too.