Sculpture – self growth

Sculpture – self growth


This is the processes of me making the three heads, i started by shaping the clay in to the head shapes, with the different sizes. Then i started to cut and scrape out the skull so that i can put the plants within the heads.

shaping the faces and making the details was a lot harder than I thought they would be but I am happy with how they turned out and i feel they convey the idea I am trying to present.

once dried I painted them white and then added some shadings to help define the faces. i really like this simple look as it gives the colours a change to contrast against the bright plants.

These are photos of the final heads, I wanted this piece to show 3 stages within a humans life. child, teenager and adult. the smallest head (child) shows how a child doesn’t need to worry about who they are and they just have fun. the medium head (teenager) is finding it hard dot know who they are and to get out of there shell. the biggest (adult) this shows how they have become ok with who they are and have grown their self as they are now happy with life.

This is one of my favourite piece of work i have made and I’m so happy with how it has come out.

sculptor – mushrooms

sculptor – mushrooms


One of my ideas for the head space project within sculpture is drugs and mental health. A lot (not all) people do sue drugs to help them get through depression and other mental health problems but they are not always linked.

I wanted to develop on from what we did in the beginning of this project where we made head molds for plaster and also made a box within woodwork.

Mushrooms (drugs and metal health)….

when I thought about a way to show metal health and drugs i thought of mushrooms first as not only do people connect them to drugs but it growth of mental health. mushrooms can be found on dead trees, these trees are normal hard wood (e.g. oak and beech trees). They are also found on tree stumps and fallen trees/branches.

These are some photos I took that I found inspirational.

My Links To Headspace…..

The mushroom would show how that persons mental health had died and now is growing into something more dangerous. This is through how they grown on dead things and they are normally seen as poisonous. Then they would also link to drugs and this would be involved in making your headspace better as you escape the bad thoughts.

Link Back To Before Induction…..

These are some of my ideas I want to try within this idea and see how each on them work. One of them involved the my box ideas as well.

I want to try this idea with clay and also plaster, I think they clay will work better due to being able to stick things to it better.

Holly  leaves

Holly leaves


This was my first time trying to paint a holly leaf I found, while out in a woodland.

I have used some watercolours for this. But I wanted to keep the colours bold and dark, so I didn’t use much water. For the shadowing I should have added some dark blue, as that is more realistic. I could have also made the lighting better and will probably need to buy a lamp, instead of trying to deal with the one light in my room.


Next I am going to be drawing a holly bush. Exploring how to add depth to it while keeping it realistic and focusing on the form and shape of the holly leaves. To help improve my skills in realism and perspective. I am also hoping to do some sketches of holly leaves and using different materials to explore what would work best.

Rat Skull

Rat Skull

skull study

Last year I found a whole (dead) rat. I wanted to clean it but as I don’t have that much experience I decided to get some help. This is the skull of that rat (I have the entire skeleton).

This was a task that we were set in a drawing class. We had 10 minutes to draw an interesting object in our flats, So I decided that I would pick my Rat skull. This Rat skull is around 4.5 cm lengthways and 2 cm tall.

When drawing this skull I knew I did not have long, so I started by sketching with a 5H pencil. Then I went in using a fine liner (0.6 mm). I used both the fine liner and a 5B pencil to add detailing and shadowing. This is as much as I got done within the time limit.


Next I am planning to use one of my other skulls (Fallow doe (deer)). To be able to have more time and a bigger scale. this will allow me to add a lot more detail into the piece.

Drawing task – left and right hands

Drawing task – left and right hands

drawing task

For this task I had to pick a few items and place them in a certain way. Then I would have to draw these items, the catch is we would have to draw it once with my right hand (my drawing hand) and then with my left hand (my weak hand).

Left Hand Drawing…..

This was my left handed drawing. This turned out so much better than i thought it would have been. the skull was really good (I didn’t get to do the teeth as i ran out of time) we had about 10-20 minutes to do these.

I chose to do a fallow does skull (deer skull) and a cactus that I have. and i chose these because they are quite different in shape and form so i wanted to try different shapes with my “bad” hand.

Right Hand Drawing…..

This was my right hand drawing, this turn out a lost worse than I thought it did. I know I was more worried about this drawing because I knew this hand should look better than my left. I had also added a rat skull within this piece as I didn’t have time to do this teeth.

Side By Side View…..

These are they both together and really shows how similar both of my hands are when drawing. This really does consider if I am ambidextrous, as both hands are basically the same.