My Studio Space

CPS – Contextual and Professional studies

This is a brief look into how my studio space looks right now after a 2 weeks of being there (4 days).

I went in today for the afternoon and it was actually so nice being in there alone listening to music and just being able to do art. I really needed the time to be able to be alone and it was the perfect space. I stayed for 4 hours and just concentrate on one drawing. my studio space is important to me as it my place to use and do what I want.

The messy faze of my studio space…..

So this was my studio space today, it was the mess created from drawing just one picture. As you can see I like to have everything around me so I can just grab it as it need it. I also work 9 time out of 10 on the floor as I like to have a lot of space and for me I cant even do a drawing on the stupid table.

The neat Studio Space and wall…..

This is my studio space when I get ready to leave. I am defiantly one of them people who make a complete mess and then have to make it so neat before I leave.