Painting – Mental Health Piece.

Painting – Mental Health Piece.


For this I wanted to create a paint about my mental health and now I feel. I decided i wanted to do something that I don’t do often so I wanted to make an abstract piece of art.

For this I did think of Jackson Bullock. I have seen his art before but never truly looked into him. So this is some what inspired by his work, but also something I was thinking of doing anyway. (I have looked into Jackson Bullock more)

My Piece…..

i started by cutting a massive piece of paper that was bigger than a meter by meter as it was much bigger than me. Then I taped it on to the wall.

I started with adding black to the painting. For this I used left over black house paint. i used both a cup to hold the paint and mix it with water, and a spoon to mix it and splat it on the wall. I did also use the spoon so smudge the paint around on the paper.

At this point I completely forgot to take photos but it got very messy. i started getting different coloured paints to mix with water and start flicking it on the wall. Some of the colours I would just use the cup to splash the wall. other I could just throw the cup at the wall. this would give me different effects.

This is a photo of when I had finished throwing the paint onto the paper. I didn’t quick like it and I felt like there was something missing. so then I grabbed a big paintbrush and dragged the dry brush down the paper to create brush marks. This is how it looked afterwards.

I really like it now and I feel the brush marks make it looked more finished and put together. Rather than just painting splatted on the paper. I feel this does show of mental health and how it can be so simple to feel it but also so confusing to understand it.

This is not finished as I think I am going to add a two faces into this piece and it had also give me an idea to do another one and then draw some life drawing on to it.

While doing this piece I had an idea of putting paper on it and pulling it off to see what prints I could make from it. Right now I have no idea what i will do with these prints but i do like them so I decided to keep them.

These are some of the prints that I took of the painting. I might use some of them as practise to draw the life drawing and faces on.

I am going to post the finished pieces onto my blog when they are done but no one this post.

My Studio Space

CPS – Contextual and Professional studies

This is a brief look into how my studio space looks right now after a 2 weeks of being there (4 days).

I went in today for the afternoon and it was actually so nice being in there alone listening to music and just being able to do art. I really needed the time to be able to be alone and it was the perfect space. I stayed for 4 hours and just concentrate on one drawing. my studio space is important to me as it my place to use and do what I want.

The messy faze of my studio space…..

So this was my studio space today, it was the mess created from drawing just one picture. As you can see I like to have everything around me so I can just grab it as it need it. I also work 9 time out of 10 on the floor as I like to have a lot of space and for me I cant even do a drawing on the stupid table.

The neat Studio Space and wall…..

This is my studio space when I get ready to leave. I am defiantly one of them people who make a complete mess and then have to make it so neat before I leave.