Introduction – summer project

Introduction – summer project

summer task

For the summer task we has to show a how covid-19 had effected us. We had to paint/draw how we feel or what had changed.

For this I took on the idea of mental health and how it has made me feel during lockdown. Lockdown took it tole on everyone in someway or another. From kids who hated school wanting to go back cause they miss their friend, to the adults who don’t want to go to work everyday suddenly waiting to go back to stop the boredom.

My Art Piece…..

explanation of my work…..

I decided to use masks (unused) as my canvas. I decided this as it was a really good reminded of Covid and what we had to wear and see all the time all around us. Then I started off with a black background and it shows how lonely it can feel and how easy it is to fade into the back ground.

The person within the artwork doesn’t have many features, that is to make it easier to relate to anyone. As it doesn’t look like anyone in particular. I wanted it to be like this as being in lockdown is effecting all of us, so I wanted my work to be relatable

The idea of the half of a head and the landscape within the head is to show how everyone has their own world in their head. This world shows how it is ok and manageable but the dark clouds are slowly appearing, this shows how the darkness is slowly coming in and the clouds are slowly covering the land and staring to show on the face.