CPS – Inside of Art Body Art

CPS – Inside of Art Body Art

Contextual and professional studies

An Article from the ‘MoMAlearning |The Body in Art

MoMA | The Body in Art

This talks about how in the 1960s and 1970s the female form where being used within the western art, within this time women where claiming back their bodies within their art.

This site gives information about The Nouveau Realisme, where the artists started to look into using their bodies to preform art. This was both through photography’s and performances. One piece involved naked women painted the canvas with their bodies.

Artist That Use Body Art…..

Yves Klein

Yves uses bodies a lot as his paintbrush. he uses the body to express his art and also to show within photos. his use with the body is very inspiring as this is a new and developed way of using the body within art.

Carolee Shneeman

This video is Carolee explaining why she thought of this method of making her art. She does not consider herself a body performer but her performances have a sense of intimacy.

Japan’s Gutai group

This is a group of artist founded after the war in japan. it was formed in 1954 by Jiro Yoshihara. The younger artist within this group looked in to body art.

This video talks about a range of this artist work. also how/why she made them.

Design, Advertising & Creative Inspiration – Digital Synopsis

Sadamasa Motonaga (1922 – 2011) | Work | abstract, All other categories of objects | Christie’s

SADAMASA MOTONAGA (JAPANESE, 1922-2011) | TAPA TAPA | Paintings, Modern | Christie’s

Sakuhin, 1964 – Sadamasa Motonaga – WikiArt.org

Metaphor and Art

‘Action Painting’ gets us in a mess. (creativepool.com)

Being an artist: Janine Antoni – Active Voice (anniepaul.net)

The Beautiful Trap: Janine Antoni’s Body Art – Border Crossings Magazine

Sadamasa Motonaga (1922 – 2011) | WORK, 1961 | abstract, All other categories of objects | Christie’s

Drawing – Life Drawing

Drawing – Life Drawing


So in a bit of time I had I really wanted to do some life drawing but because of covid we cant do normal life drawing so instead i went online and looked up some life drawing. I wanted to find a photo of someone but in the end just found some drawings so I decided to do them. This does mean the drawing is mine but it is basically a cope of two other peoples drawing so they are not mine. all i have done is just copied the drawings.

reference links – ( when i can find them ill update this)

These are the two drawings that I did and I really life them. I am hoping to be able to seek an online life drawing course because a major thing I like to do in my art is drawing human biology and this involves the body.

I have now found an online class so I’m going to start looking into it and hopefully developing my skills within life drawing.