Sculpture – self growth

Sculpture – self growth


This is the processes of me making the three heads, i started by shaping the clay in to the head shapes, with the different sizes. Then i started to cut and scrape out the skull so that i can put the plants within the heads.

shaping the faces and making the details was a lot harder than I thought they would be but I am happy with how they turned out and i feel they convey the idea I am trying to present.

once dried I painted them white and then added some shadings to help define the faces. i really like this simple look as it gives the colours a change to contrast against the bright plants.

These are photos of the final heads, I wanted this piece to show 3 stages within a humans life. child, teenager and adult. the smallest head (child) shows how a child doesn’t need to worry about who they are and they just have fun. the medium head (teenager) is finding it hard dot know who they are and to get out of there shell. the biggest (adult) this shows how they have become ok with who they are and have grown their self as they are now happy with life.

This is one of my favourite piece of work i have made and I’m so happy with how it has come out.

Cps – Artist Statement

Cps – Artist Statement

My work explores many controversial subjects, this includes how I feel/ what I am going through. A lot of my work looks into the relations between life and death but also the beauty and ugliness of them.

I’m influenced by human biology and emotions and nature. Things I research are finding out how the body works/looks, also on how the mind can be. Sometimes also religion. my art includes using nature to show the good and bad within humans. I like to use any medium to get my context across, This can cause many debates around my works.

Some big artist influence are; Andy Goldsworthy, Travis Bedel, Sun Hyuk Kim. as they work around the same ideas that I do.

Growth 14.12.2020 (Name)

The sculptures are three clay heads from the smallest being 2.5cm x2.7cm to the biggest being 11cm x 8cm. They are plain but have the contrast of the bright plants. The materials I used within the piece is clay and natural materials.

The context of the piece is how a headspace can change. This shows three stages of life; young , teenager and adult. Something that informed the work is life experience. I though about how my younger self felt about herself, then I though about how she feels now.

This work is different from pasts art is this is a series when normally I would have one final piece. Also Most my work is mix-medium but I forced on sculptor for this. I could make new improvements by scaling up the heads. this would allow for more expression through the plants.

I feel my art is intended for everyone but I defiantly feel adults will understand more. As i feel a younger mind wont yet understand who they are or the growth of the mind when you get older.

Sculpture – Plants and Emil Alzamora.

Sculpture – Plants and Emil Alzamora.


I wanted to look into head space within drug use and metal health, as they can be linked, so I was thinking of using mushrooms to show the growth of a mental health but also people link mushrooms to drugs (e.g. magic mushrooms).

Emil Alzamora…..

She is an artist that has made me think of a way to develop my idea and make it a lot more interesting and something I would love to experiment with.

These are some works of her that I found interesting but the one that really caught my eyes was one where she has a human head and had a plant out the top of it..

This image is what gave me the idea of how I could improve and develop my work in to something more interesting and experimental than just a simple sculptor. I still have more ideas than this one but I want to experiment with it to see how well it would work.

When first looking into heads I was thinking of going through a drug like subject but after seeing this it made me think of a better was to show my work, and have the plants roots crack the work. I have a plan for this but ill put it on another post.

so from this next I will be making a plant of how I could now do the ideas of my next experiment. I will also be adding designs and possible images of it.