CPS – Analysing Artwork.

CPS – Analysing Artwork.

Contextual and professional studies

For this task I have to analyse two piece of artwork given to us. So I picked two of them and now I’m going to answer some questions about them to analyse them.

Chapman Brothers Ginantic 2000

This is a dull piece with quite natural colours, it is both abstract and realistic due to the drawings on the etchings. The over all tone of the work is more dark as its mainly shading, this is because it is an etching, ink will have been used. An etching is normally on is paper but not to sure about this piece.

A video I found on how etchings are made.

How to make an etching – YouTube

I think if anything the piece was curated, within the piece you can see animal drawings. I don’t think they are etchings. I feel this piece is showing a defacing of the real etching in the back.

This could fit into the idea of Dadaism , because it is going against logical art/ what most people think. This would place it within the early 20th century. An influence on their work is Francisco De Goya’s etchings not good enough for its meaning. This is also the context behind the piece, Francisco was a “genius” of art, so it was shocking to “deface” it.

Shock and Awe Part 2 / Chapman Brothers and Goya – YouTube

short video of how they changed the original etchings and some figured they also made.

The work was made within 2003 as part of a series called “insult to injury”.

Loads of people have written about them, due to the work being offensive. This does also include The Guardian. But Mainly smaller companies/news sources like the Interview Magazine. These are some examples.

Goya Probably Would Not Be Amused – The New York Times (nytimes.com)
Goya Probably Would Not Be Amused – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

Article from network times, about insult to injury, and talks about the brothers reason for the art but also the original etchings.

Look what we did | Jake and Dinos Chapman | The Guardian

From The Guardian talking about insult to injury

Turner Prize 2003 artists: Jake and Dinos Chapman | Tate

From Tate talking about insult to injury from the begins with statues of Nazis to the etchings.

In 2003 the brothers where nominated for the turner award but they didn’t win it. During the mid- 1990s they where involved within the YBA (young British artist)in both the brilliant and sensation exhibitions.

Some more images from insult to injury.

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