Introduction – woodwork

Introduction – woodwork

Being introduced into working in the wood workshop.

This is another class I went to in the first week, where we got introduced into working with wood and the machines in the work shop. I also didn’t get any photos of processes on this either as i was working with machines.

The first thing I had to do was use a pair of compasses to create a circle as big as we could on a piece of MDF board that was about 16cm wide. I marked out a circle 15cm wide.

Then I used a bandsaw to 1) Cut the board smaller to make it easier to hold 2)To slowly cut around the circle. This wasn’t too difficult as I have used them before, but I have never done a circle before.

Then I moved on to belt and disc sander to be able to make a perfect circle and smooth out the edges from the saw.

I then used a pillar drill to create a circular hole within the circle. for this I pulled the drill down and went most the way, then I turned the wood over and lightly put the drill down until it centred its self. When it was straight I then pressed down again until it had made the complete hole.

After this is started to do pyrography onto the wood. I love pyrography and have done it for a little bit, it is really something I want to develop. For this I decided to stick to a lily (flower) and add some shading into the flower.

My final piece…..