Rat Skull

Rat Skull

skull study

Last year I found a whole (dead) rat. I wanted to clean it but as I don’t have that much experience I decided to get some help. This is the skull of that rat (I have the entire skeleton).

This was a task that we were set in a drawing class. We had 10 minutes to draw an interesting object in our flats, So I decided that I would pick my Rat skull. This Rat skull is around 4.5 cm lengthways and 2 cm tall.

When drawing this skull I knew I did not have long, so I started by sketching with a 5H pencil. Then I went in using a fine liner (0.6 mm). I used both the fine liner and a 5B pencil to add detailing and shadowing. This is as much as I got done within the time limit.


Next I am planning to use one of my other skulls (Fallow doe (deer)). To be able to have more time and a bigger scale. this will allow me to add a lot more detail into the piece.