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Very brief description about your current practice ie specialism & studying FA at DMU

With in my studies I am exploring how society looks and treats other people, but also playing with the concept of the other side. The other side meaning how individuals feel about society. As a collective we don’t see how we pull people back and ideal the “perfect person”, yet there are people who don’t want to be this “perfect person” so they do what they want, this action of being who they want to be then creates the argument of are they the perfect person for being free and who they are or are they just too different that its bad? and who gets to decide this?. Therefor I am exploring how people like me, who want to be different and have art on my body but also fight with body image issues and just trying to be the best me I can, feel when society tells us we have to be a “perfect person” and hold all the creative individuals back.

Education and Awards (start from DMU go back to FAD/ND/A Levels)

Fine Art BA (Hons) Year 1

UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in art and design (distinction)

UAL Level 3 Diploma in Art And Design (merit)

Exhibitions one person/group (start from most recent)

2 piece of my work Exhibited in the Leicester Museum and Art Gallery on the 4th December -21st January

Online exhibition with another student. ( in progress)

A group of students and I fundraised, planned and curated a gallery within Two Queens Gallery in Leicester for the second years in De Montfort University from 4th-8th march 2022

Exhibited work in the second year gallery .Two within the VJ patel building in De Montfort University 28th April-9th may 2022


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Volunteering with 𝙳𝙼𝚄 Local to help teach children art from 9;30-11;30 on Saturday for 10 weeks.

Made a printing edition with the class and it was given to some lecturers.

Artist that could relate to my painting project (time and decay)

Artist that could relate to my painting project (time and decay)


Caitlin Hackett

She is one of my favourite artist who is amazed by nature but shows the decay within it.

Image of interest…..

I looked in to this piece due to the way I see the context behind it. To me this shows a life circle of the owl (I understand this might not be the meaning), to me the bottom red whole is the death after the bright blue life. Her art to me speaks a lot about life and death within animals and I really enjoy this. She uses a lot of “alive” masks to cover the death faces.

This is a statement from the artist about her own works. This explains what she wants to show within her work and what inspired her to do this.

Caitlin Hackett Draws the Beautiful Decay of Nature as Ambigrams | Hi-Fructose Magazine


Caitlin McCormack

Caitlin is an artist who works around the theme of decay, by creating skeletons out of string.

These shows the skeleton of a decayed animal, though this doesn’t have the same look as my project due to me looking in to decay over time, I was intrigued within the material she uses to create them (string). I do also like her work and thing i possible could benefit from it.

This is a explanation of how she makes the works and how she manipulate the materials to get them to become more like the thing she is trying to convey .


Kris Kuksi

He is an American artist who is who does realistic art. Made out of random things he can find.

Kris’s works don’t particularly have the same message as mine but I do like the look of it and so want to try something like this as more of a relief piece on a canvas.

This explains materials and also why he makes his work but doesn’t go to much into it.

CPS – Inside of Art Body Art

CPS – Inside of Art Body Art

Contextual and professional studies

An Article from the ‘MoMAlearning |The Body in Art

MoMA | The Body in Art

This talks about how in the 1960s and 1970s the female form where being used within the western art, within this time women where claiming back their bodies within their art.

This site gives information about The Nouveau Realisme, where the artists started to look into using their bodies to preform art. This was both through photography’s and performances. One piece involved naked women painted the canvas with their bodies.

Artist That Use Body Art…..

Yves Klein

Yves uses bodies a lot as his paintbrush. he uses the body to express his art and also to show within photos. his use with the body is very inspiring as this is a new and developed way of using the body within art.

Carolee Shneeman

This video is Carolee explaining why she thought of this method of making her art. She does not consider herself a body performer but her performances have a sense of intimacy.

Japan’s Gutai group

This is a group of artist founded after the war in japan. it was formed in 1954 by Jiro Yoshihara. The younger artist within this group looked in to body art.

This video talks about a range of this artist work. also how/why she made them.

Design, Advertising & Creative Inspiration – Digital Synopsis

Sadamasa Motonaga (1922 – 2011) | Work | abstract, All other categories of objects | Christie’s

SADAMASA MOTONAGA (JAPANESE, 1922-2011) | TAPA TAPA | Paintings, Modern | Christie’s

Sakuhin, 1964 – Sadamasa Motonaga –

Metaphor and Art

‘Action Painting’ gets us in a mess. (

Being an artist: Janine Antoni – Active Voice (

The Beautiful Trap: Janine Antoni’s Body Art – Border Crossings Magazine

Sadamasa Motonaga (1922 – 2011) | WORK, 1961 | abstract, All other categories of objects | Christie’s

CPS – Art Materials (Tian Haisu)

CPS – Art Materials (Tian Haisu)

Contextual And Professional Studies

For this I’m looking into an artist and their method on making art. so I’m am looking into Tian Haisu.

Tian Haisu is a young Chinese painter who makes art by land skating, she makes black and white paintings. She create massive scale art by using her inline roller blades this combines her love for ice-skating and art. that have a tub of paint that slowly spill onto the wheels. she uses the front wheel to create the smaller details of the piece. her paintings are black and white landscapes.

This is a video of the prosses of her making the art. it also shows how she uses the roller blades to make this takes you through her making her paintings called blood-lane-line it is 40 feet tall by 20 feet wide, most of her works are on massive scales. as she does her paintings she will fill up the tub on her boots. This piece was present in the California Institute of arts, It was also a really liked piece within the show.

Before she makes her art she will sketch them out as a design. Then she will go in with the roller blades. These are some photos of her making her work. The next photos are of her beautiful works. her works are both simple yet stunning. Due to the fact she keep its in a traditional style of painting.

She uses her unique way of making art, to make traditional Chinese paintings. she used her whole body to create the art as she has to use her balance to se able to use the roller skates.

her art includes a range of mountains, trees, water and sometimes buildings that are within the landcape she is painting.

This is website that explains a little more about how she makes her work and what she uses for her art. This really shows how you don’t have to use normal tool to make traditional art.

References for photos…..

Chinese landscape paintings created with roller skates by Tian Haisu | Chinese landscape painting, Landscape paintings, Chinese landscape (

Chinese landscape paintings created with roller skates by Tian Haisu (

Watch This Chinese Artist Use Rollerblades to Make Landscape Art | Scene360

Chinese artist uses roller skates to create traditional Chinese paintings –

Artist Creates Traditional Chinese Landscape Paintings Using Roller Skates (

CPS – outside of art Mini Research Project

CPS – outside of art Mini Research Project

Contextual And Professional Studies

For this I wanted to keep it related to my art, so I’m going to use it to help my painting project as well. I’m going to look in to the sciences and physical way that a human ages over time. (I wanted to look in to cancer but I know a lot about this so I decided to go for something I know less about).

How A Person Ages Over Time – online research

The cognitive function (to start getting “old”). changes a lot within our bodies. What I want to research is growing old but I want to focus on blindness.

Presbyopia (Age Related Eyes Sight Lose)…..

its where the lens of the eye will stiffen, so it wouldn’t be flexible enough to focus on close range objects. This starts around 40s and increasingly get worse until around 65s year old.

Another eye condition is Fuchs’ dystrophy. This is less common but also can be caused by aging and drugs. This is where the outer layer of the eye thickens leaving the eye with a cloudy look to others.

This interested me because it could show how in hindsight ,when we are older, we regret things from when we where younger. This would help me show a humans lifetime within my work as it links the young and old together.

This is a video talking about how it feels to lose vision over age, it focuses on how one made got a lot of anxiety over this.

I found this interesting, This is an artist who talks to blind people to create what they think their loved ones look like. It shows how blind people see without their eyes and its not far off the true look of the subject.
Watch Going Blind (Original Version) Online | Vimeo On Demand on Vimeo

This is just a trailer but I found it interesting as it shows how blindness can effect anyone, but the full videos is a documentary on blindness.

Opinion | Feeling My Way Into Blindness – The New York Times (
Opinion | Feeling My Way Into Blindness – The New York Times (

This is an article from The Newyork Times about a person who had gone blind with age. It talks about how he has struggled with it, They also give some ways to help the blind from their view of having it.

Artist Research – using time and aging in their work…..

Marna Clarke – “Time As We Know It”

Marna Clarke is a photographer, she lives in new York. she has a project called “Time As We Know It” this is a project where she takes photos for aging. The main subject of the photos is herself and her partner.

The Project…..

She started the project around 5 years ago. The whole point was to document her “growing old”.

Keith Salmon

Keith Salmon is a blind artist. his work includes bright colours to make landscape pieces

These stood out to me as they still give off the look of a landscape yet he is blind. The vibrant colours and brush work really make this piece put together and creates texture.

10 Remarkable Paintings by Blind and Visually Impaired Artists | Scene360

This was a website I found that had works from blind artist, so i think i will use it for my project as well.

links to Marna Clarke…..,brain%20cells%2C%20but%20this%20is%20a%20slow%20process.,aging%20%28see%20also%20Hearing%20Loss%20%29.%20More%20

Painting – Alyssa Monks

Painting – Alyssa Monks

Painting (looking into realism and positioning (linking to book of the dead in Egypt))

Alyssa monks is am American painter who does very realist paintings normally of humans. her amazingly real artwork catches the eye to be a photograph. When painting the person she loves to use water and steam within the painting image. This has lead to a lot of her art being people bathing or in baths and showers.

these are some of her works. I really like these are the colours she uses are not too bright and are very natural. One thin that Alyssa monks aims for is the idea of you being able to put yourself in the persons position. I don’t think I can relate to the second and third image, but I do find it hard to look at the first image as the water being in his eyes makes me feel weird as I know I hate that feeling. so I cant look at the image in a combatable way.

I want to use the idea of realism painting within both my abstract and a new idea I have had. i want to have a painting of both a water lily skull and person on my abstract paintings I want to see how each one looks and works with the abstract so I’m going to do a lot of abstract backgrounds.

I also want to do a more refined piece where I want to do the idea of generations a lot more and have a realistic paintings of different generations. I do also want to some how involve a water lilly into thiese as well.

Both of these ideas need to have a lot more work put towards them as they are not ready so I want to focus on experimenting with these a lot more. So from here I am going to so two post on me developing both ideas and what I want to get out of them.

CPS –  Gallery research (Yorkshire sculptor park).

CPS – Gallery research (Yorkshire sculptor park).

Contextual and Professional studies

For this task I need to find a gallery to research and then write about, this needs to be a fairly well known gallery. So I’m going to the the Yorkshire Sculptor Park.

Yorkshire Sculptor Park…..

The sculptor park is in Yorkshire(This is in west Bretton near Wakefield) and is a massive park of 500-acre with over 650 sculptors and basically all of them are for sale. They showcase the works and this helps them be brought,so evetime you go see it there will be changed and new art rotating all the time.

Some Images Of The Sculptors…..

What Type Of Galleries Are They…..

This Gallery is an outside park, full of sculptors form a range of different artist. This makes the park very different as you can walk around the art and in a sense become part of it as well. This also allows you to apricate the work a lot more due to the pure size and details of each work.

When Was the Park Set Up…..

The sculptor park was established within 1977. The founder of the park is Peter Murray. He studied in both art and teaching. He has loads of his own art within other galleries, as he mainly works within 2D.

Who Is The Main Curator And Exhibitions That They Organised…..

Peter Murray is also the main curator and has put on many exhibitions there, these are some of the key ones;

  • Henry Moore and landscape
  • Andy Goldsworthy
  • Barbara Hepworth
  • James Turrell

and a lot more.

They have also won a South Bank Show Award for Visual Arts as well

What Are Some Of There Exhibitions…..

One of the biggest Exhibitions is of Henry Moore as this is one of the biggest collection of bronze work that is outside. All the Exhibitions are outside, In a open air galley. This gives it a some what unique look and feel to it.

as well as a lot of other artist works and sculptures, this park also includes a deer park so had a lot of attention for that too.

What Reviews Have They Had…..

A lot of small artists and bloggers have reviews the park and wrote up about it (as this is how I have found out some of the information). There is also really good views on trips adviser and other website like Facebook.

I cant find any newspaper articles on it or any tv shows or reviews on it. So I would say it doesn’t have any major worldwide reviews or articles on it but does have smaller publishes on it.

I was planning to go to the part but as we have just be put into lockdown i have decided to wait till next year (2021).

Image Reference Links…..

Research Links…..

Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy

Artist Research – CPS

Andy Goldsworthy is a photographer and sculptor (land artist). He uses the nature around him to create aesthetically pleasing artworks that exsaggerates the beauty of the environment he is in.

When making his art, Andy Goldsworthy makes sure to use natural materials. Then he photographs the work piece. He is also interested within the decay and death of his piece and the natural materials he used as they start to fade away into the land it once grow from.

Andy Goldsworthy is one of my favourite artist due to what materials he uses and how he uses them. But also how he also had the interest of how nature takes back the artwork he has made.

Studio Space (start of true cps post)

Andy Goldsworthy studio space, Due to him working with the nature that he finds when he is out, is the environment he is in.

Goldsworthy respects his studio space as it is the land we live on. It is a calms and tranquil place, where you can just feel the art he is working on. Although sometimes it isn’t a quite as you would think. Some of his work has been on beaches and public land. This has involves people having to move around his work. As annoying as this might sounds it can also be seen as the people are now part of the artwork.

He used all the materials he can find when he is out. He uses leaves for colours and sticks as lines, he has so specialists materials but he uses very specialist techniques to make the art.

The photo below is supposedly his studio, This studio gives a very nature feeling due to how it looks like an abounded look. the way in which I would say he uses his studio is he makes the art and lets it be around him while making other art. this gives a good way of getting inspiration and understand. This and the look of the studio to me gives it a more homely, comforting and inviting look/feel.

Andy Goldsworthy in His Studio | Artist studio space, Artist studio, Artist inspiration (

Some of Andy Goldsworthy’s work…..

my studio space…..

Where images are from…..

Tree with golden leaves — Sticks in a circle — Leaves in the water — Ice around tree —

Information from this post…..

website I visited —