Cps – Artist Statement

Cps – Artist Statement

My work explores many controversial subjects, this includes how I feel/ what I am going through. A lot of my work looks into the relations between life and death but also the beauty and ugliness of them.

I’m influenced by human biology and emotions and nature. Things I research are finding out how the body works/looks, also on how the mind can be. Sometimes also religion. my art includes using nature to show the good and bad within humans. I like to use any medium to get my context across, This can cause many debates around my works.

Some big artist influence are; Andy Goldsworthy, Travis Bedel, Sun Hyuk Kim. as they work around the same ideas that I do.

Growth 14.12.2020 (Name)

The sculptures are three clay heads from the smallest being 2.5cm x2.7cm to the biggest being 11cm x 8cm. They are plain but have the contrast of the bright plants. The materials I used within the piece is clay and natural materials.

The context of the piece is how a headspace can change. This shows three stages of life; young , teenager and adult. Something that informed the work is life experience. I though about how my younger self felt about herself, then I though about how she feels now.

This work is different from pasts art is this is a series when normally I would have one final piece. Also Most my work is mix-medium but I forced on sculptor for this. I could make new improvements by scaling up the heads. this would allow for more expression through the plants.

I feel my art is intended for everyone but I defiantly feel adults will understand more. As i feel a younger mind wont yet understand who they are or the growth of the mind when you get older.