Drawing – Artist Research Kirsty Latoya


Kirsty latoya is an digital artist how uses her finger to paint onto an ipad (i think). she used her art to talk about mental health and her works show mainly a person and depicts a type of mental illness in an art form.

these where interesting as they showed how you could present mental health. i have known about this artist for a while but thought her work relates to mine in a way so i went back and looked at her works again.

i thought that this could be seen like my collage of me and the task of showing feelings within the body as a drawing

drawing – tasks


these are some of the drawing i got from a task that was a set. the task was to show our journey around out house. i really loved this as it shows different path ways just by mapping out different parts of your house. these all where really interesting to me and i think that i would look more into this but just not with in this project.

drawing – MDF eye


another thing i did was develop on the eye ideas and i forgot to post about it but i did a painting onto some MDF to experiment with the background materials. i thought that the piece i did i really liked but i also liked the raw colour of the MDF i feel in the future this could be developed more.

i really like how simple the face is compaid to the details of the eyes. i feel this piece could be another main piece within my body of work and i really enjoyed this again.

i do feel if i was to do this again i would use a different paint as i used oil paint and it didn’t work to well as it didn’t dry fast enough and instead i would use acyclic

print- artist research Carroll Thayer Berry

print- artist research Carroll Thayer Berry


when looking into her work i wanted to see if I could include this much details into my art. I feel within her work she adds a lot but of details but also keeps it simple enough to keep the work clean.

i also really like the way that she has just kept the piece to black as i feel it keeps the work simple and easier to see what is happening but also gives it the dark shadow like look.

so while looking at this artist for inspiration I decided to keep on my theme so i did a hare while trying to add lots of details

printing – snake dry point


this was the drawing i did of the snake and i did this with fineliners and i really loved it so then i decided to do a plastic dry point of it and had to wait to get it printed but this is how it came out.

this was how it came out i have got a more clear one now but this was the first one i think it has worked well so now i want to do some more as see if i can work finer and see what details i can create i also want to do a metal piece

printing – developing the hare.


This was the base that i started with, it was a lino hare and i really love it because of how simple i have kept it but still have enough details within the piece. i kept it black and white to make sure you focus on the hare but also see how the line through the middle effects the piece. this is as though there is a zone of the future the hare is passing through.

from the main line i thought about how i could use this idea more so i looked into what lines the hare its self makes with its feet ears and tail and extended these lines to show how these can feel a lot of space. i feel this made me start to experiment with how i could use the space around the hare and make the piece look more complete.

this is when i started experimenting within colour for the back ground. as i don’t like a lot of colour and didn’t want to take away from the hare i used a collage technique as i felt it would also match better with the line. i used the colours as sky and grass but also looked into the different textures i could use. (bubble wrap, roller, packing card,scraping)

drawing – print/ drawing idea


while doing a design for print i thought it was a good drawing and everyone else likes it. so i decided to take inspirations from my own print works to try a new path within my drawing.

the idea for this is showing people that just looking at the tree you can see its beautiful and full of flowers but when you get close and truly look deep you can see skeletons and death this shows how you cant see someone mental health on the outside its only when you get close you can see it.

this idea is taking for ever as it is the size of 6 A1 piece of paper. so it will be a while before it is finished

Lens – Sound film


i made this sound film and i am really happy with it. i did add too much sound in the beginning so i had to go over and take some off. taking sound of then lead to it sounding more real and cleaner.

I feel this one worked really well but I also really like the photo as street like this are not too common. so i thought it would be an interesting photo ot use.