George Segal – Artist Research

George Segal is an artist that lived between 1924-2000, although at first he was a painter, he soon found interest within sculpture. He was mainly related to the pop art movement and was mostly known for his, human sized, sculptures.


The method Segal uses to create these casts are, to have a model within the position he wishes then with some Modroc strips (Modroc is a bandage like materials that is impregnated with plaster so when dampened it hardens while drying). He covers his model with the Modroc straps in different sections of the body and waits for the to dry, once dry he takes them off. from this he has the shape of the body. he then uses more strips to put the pieces together again.

example of the method used

This will be similar to the technique that Segal uses, expect at first Segal did not paint his sculptures.

Feeling Of His Work/ Where It Is Placed

As Modroc dries white this lead to his sculptures having a ghostly feel to them. this made an uneasy feeling around the works but also a reinsuring one as they are something we know, humans. His works where presented within public and urban places (e.g streets).

The Context Of The Work

Within this website is a timeline of Segals works, this goes through the sculptures and talks about their meanings and looks. I found this so interesting to read as it gave me a better understanding that his works at first was investigating how humans are venerable creatures, but also the position of his work is as though it is waiting for something that will never happen.

Another topic he looked at was human rights issues, were one of his sculptors was a monument towards gay rights. Although he was straight he created the four figures two males standing together and two females sitting together within a public park. These where taking in good ways and bad, as some thought it was inappropriate for him as a straight man to be making this art.

Other than gay rights, he spoke out about many different issue within the world through his art.

George Segal Sculptures, Bio, Ideas | TheArtStory

George Segal sculptures

Contextually this work relates to mine and I feel it is a very strong way to show it. as within my project i am trying to speak out on issues within society and movements that are being held back. Even thought i could face the same criticism as Segal as a straight women, who supports gay rights.

Though i have been experimenting with string, using Modroc would be a great development due to the quicker time it would take to complete the works. string takes about a week to make a full body, yet Modroc would take around 2-3 days. the ending result would be changed dreamily but possibly for the best due to it being quicker and stronger.

DMU Local Volunteering – Session 6


This session was a bit different and was more free for the children to use what they had learnt within the sessions prier. therefore the set up for this session was just to put out all of our materials, this mainly included colouring pencils, pens, paints and collaring materials. we gave all the children their sketchbooks as they came in and then let them sit down so we could explain to them what they were doing that session.

we also covered the floor in plastic wrap, this would give then children a choice of a larger and more messy space to use. due to children’s nature this worked out very well and they all started to sit on the floor. i thought this was a really good idea as this gave them the opportunity to sit and talk about each others works and we could see them starting to interact with each other and bounce ideas off each other.

this sessions was our first session after a week break, so when the children got back they where really exited to tell us about their 2 weeks and to do their own art. this meant they used every material that they could to create their works and they were very messy. this included splashing paint around to see its effect. once given paint and a paint brush the floor was soon covered in paint, as they started to see how if you put a smaller piece of paper over a bigger one and start splashing paint on it, it leaves an image of the smaller paper.

within the session there was not much the volerenteers could help with as it was more of letting the children explore the materials. i wanted to use this post to talk about what I have learnt and my experiences that I have had so far with in volunteering. When I first started I was more shy with talking to the children because their parents where sitting with them. With in the second session the children moved away from their parents to make the sculptures therefore l sat down with them and this made it easier to talk to them to be more involved with in the works.

i feel that this has really helped me to be more conftable with teaching people how to do things but also helped me learn how to talk with children on a better level of understanding. to be able to teach children a harder terminology of art, in a langue that they would understand is really important within art but within the normal launge and life.

i really enjoy this session and want to do more once this 10 are over, next year i will be looking into doing more for volunteering but possible teaching as well. i feel i really like volunteering more thought as it helps other people but also i love getting in touch with people and learning more about them.

next week i will not be attending as i have something that is happening but i will be joining the week after and that will be about women artists, so they children will make art around their favoutie female artist.

𝘳𝘦𝘴𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘤𝘩 𝘪𝘯𝘵𝘰 𝘵𝘢𝘵𝘵𝘰𝘰𝘪𝘯𝘨


Ink couture is the tattoo studio I normal visit, when i go to get a tattoo I always ask about tattooing and how to get into it. the tattooing industry is very hard to get into now, due to its high demand and the influx within people becoming new artists to the skill.

Due to this I have started an Instagram that is lent towards tattooing to become more known and build a client base before I even start hopefully this will give me a little jump start, but also I am looking for a shop with a high number of walk in clients and regular clients as this will also help to get more clients of my own and get my works more known. For a while now i have been building up my Instagram (when really focusing on my account I grew from 500 to 2,132 right now)

printing – snake dry point


this was the drawing i did of the snake and i did this with fineliners and i really loved it so then i decided to do a plastic dry point of it and had to wait to get it printed but this is how it came out.

this was how it came out i have got a more clear one now but this was the first one i think it has worked well so now i want to do some more as see if i can work finer and see what details i can create i also want to do a metal piece

Drawing – drawing people and glass

Drawing – drawing people and glass


This is a drawing i did to show how you can look at someone and see them calm when there could be loads of emotions going around there head.

This was me marking out the masking tape from the drawing I made, then I started to use a marker to draw within the tape. this was easier than I thought to do and I was just going to leave it on the glass but then I saw the shadow it made so I decided to look into making shadows as well.

these are the shadows that they made (you can just see them) I really liked this idea and decided to do more to look into it.

final look of the glass

Print – Artist Research Mazatl on skulls appreciation society


i cant find much about the artist as they uploads the art onto a massive sight for loads of artist who has a similar art style but i really like the lino prints they make, i feel this artist is inspiration for me but also not really as this is already the style i love, i feel what i took from this work is a understanding of how i can make shading and how to carve into the lino cut to make the effects i want.

i so really like their work, and i think it did help me understand how to use a concentrate of line to show highlight and then used less to have the shadowing

lens – my take of photographers photos.


Laurence Demaison

blog link – Laurence Demaison – Site Officiel

within his work is mainly black and white photos of people (he also does drawing and other forms of art), he works closely with water and distorting the the people. he works seems very dark and have a creepy feeling to it. when first thinking of lens I wanted to try and use some glass panels I have to put water on them, so I thought they would be a good way to try it.

These are some of my photos from him that I love, and I was thinking of using a glass panel and seeing how I can use it to warp peoples faces and images.

My Photography…..

these are the edited photos I took and are basically the final photos for this artist, I really like them and they are much better than I thought the would be. i have some that are more closely linked to the original artist and then i have made some that are more my type of art (adding in a nature look within the photo).

these are the progress…..

these are the progress but also photos I would post as I do like them, I just think for this task I would hang in the first ones I showed.

The set up was made of boxes and a chair holding up the glass panel and tape around the edges to I could add a thin layer of water, then i added soap over where my face was as I discovered that if i use my fingers to move the soap around it would distraught my face. then i used a yellow lighted lamp to give it a nicer colour than white and a blanket for the black background.

i used a selfie stick to be able to take the photos and also designed to mess around with the filters on my phone to create the black and white. the only down side is when I put the soap over my face i could no longer see what the picture looked out so I didn’t know the outcome till after i took the photo.

Sculpture – mushroom world in skull (p2)


This is doing the inside of the skull i made out of plaster.

This was the prosses of making the skull, I used pre-made mushrooms. but for this I painted the skull and decided it was too dark and i really hated it so I made the painting on the canvas for the mushroom world with the wooden board. (I wanted to practice and experiment so I did that painting and then it turned in to a piece of work).

I used air dry clay for the earthy places. I painted it with really watered down watercolour on the outside to give effect of shadow. I did a mix of acrylic and watercolour on the inside. While the clay was wet I added the mushrooms on it and then waited for it to dry. Then I painted it and added all the other mushrooms with a glue gun. i also used the glue gun to glue the two halves together.

these are the finished photos, I think I could improve it by making little changes but other than that I am happy with how it has come out.

sculpture – plants in plaster.

sculpture – plants in plaster.


From the mushroom idea I have (I’m still experimenting with this) developed my idea and i want to experiment within crashing the plaster to show damaged with plants to symbolize grown within mental health. I also want to add some that have dead plants in to show a healthy mental health and a bad one. This was inspiered partly by Emil Alzamora.

my plans within this idea….

I feel like the plaster would work better as it would crack more, but I don’t really want it to completely crack so I want to experiment and see if it does and how long it will last.

For this i would also let the plants grow out of the eye sockets as well so maybe the head could actual be a skull.

next post will be making the mold/clay for the head. For both ideas.