natural inspiration from walks

natural inspiration from walks

artist research

While exploring etchings I started to look into insperation on how I can develop my etchings and I remembered the chapman brothers, but also a massive inspiration is the world around us. I have some photos of places i went that inspired me but also about the chapman brothers.

Nature inspires alot of my work as drawings but as this year I have been exploring and descoving/ studing nature more. I started to think about and learn much more about colours and how nature uses them. Below are some photos I took while out n nature that inspired or intrested me.

These are some of the places I went and thing I saw that inspired me, all of the colours are there for a reason weather it to draw things in, to send a warning or to camouflage. When looking at this side of colour it helped me to understand on how I can use colour within my art. By this I mean how I can draw a persons eye through my works or to one section of the work before another.
The mushroom shown in the photo is a brightly coloured rare mushroom in the waxcap family ( scarlet waxcap). They are rare due to how they will only grow in grass lands that haven’t been touched by pesticides and chemicals, the bright colour makes the mushroom stand out from the grass and bring a persons eye straight to it. For art this would help people to be drawn to a section of the artwork before another this could be useful for a body off work being presented or a massive piece with a deeper meaning.

the Foxthe fox fits into the nature but also seems like it’s a random colour of orange, this shows how you can use colour more freely and have some that stand out really strong in an image it doesn’t always have to fit in, it’s more abstract.

white flowers flowers are bright and colourful and stand out to help bees find them to be pollinated, therefore the bright colours make them stand out and attract people towards them in order to help themselves. This could be used in art in a way that I’d you have a bright colour scattered around a piece of art the persons eye will scan across the whole pierce of art and make the art look more of a whole piece with the same colour linking different elements.
Trees in the Woodall thought the trees are a different colour to the ground around them, they still are harder to see. This shows how you have to take a longer look than normal to be able to see them. This could be used in art as a way of making people look deeper into the art and also making something seen but not as straight away.
Grass on the tree this shows how different things in nature can stand out and contrast against each other, this could be used well in art to make one thing stand out more than the other.

moss on tree the moss hides the tree really well but you can still see it, using this technique shows how something can be so in your face but still hidden.




Etching is the prossess of using acid to engrave a design into a piece of metal, then this metal is inked and printed. As this is a taught lesson at first ill be preparing the plate and drawing a random design.

I found this video on YouTube, this not only shows the process of etching but also of other techniques like dry-point and engraving. The video also shows different materials you can use within the studio we will use different materials to the ones used in this video but the outcome will be the same.

while preparing the plate we used a paste the technician made to clean the plate from grease (this took a couple of goes). Then we dried the plate using a heating plate and added hard wax onto the plate then let it cool down. Once the plate was ready we drew onto it using a needle.

This was the design I made on the plate and once this was done I taped up the back with pastel tape and made a handle so I could get the plate out the acid easier. This plate stayed in the acid for around 5-6 mins with a feather being rubbed over the surface as bubbles appeared. Due to the acid being used by other students and me wanting to tried more things with etching I decided to prepare a bigger plate.

This was the outcome to the first etching I made. I really like the outcome and it gave me a really good test on how detailed I can get before for acid starts to bite into the metal. Once I had done this I started to look into etching and how I could develop my ideas, I am going to make another post about the chapman brothers and their works with another artists etching and their development on it.

Another technique I used to create my print was the cleaning process, by the I mean I cleaned the plate from 90% of the surface ink but with the last 10% l only cleaned off highlights (e.g the highlights on the flowers) I decided to play around with adding highlights is to add depth and texture. I feel this really helped to develop the print from just a line drawing, also I feel I need to add colours to help this piece and help with showing the context more.

Drawing – Artist Research Kirsty Latoya


Kirsty latoya is an digital artist how uses her finger to paint onto an ipad (i think). she used her art to talk about mental health and her works show mainly a person and depicts a type of mental illness in an art form.

these where interesting as they showed how you could present mental health. i have known about this artist for a while but thought her work relates to mine in a way so i went back and looked at her works again.

i thought that this could be seen like my collage of me and the task of showing feelings within the body as a drawing

print- artist research Carroll Thayer Berry

print- artist research Carroll Thayer Berry


when looking into her work i wanted to see if I could include this much details into my art. I feel within her work she adds a lot but of details but also keeps it simple enough to keep the work clean.

i also really like the way that she has just kept the piece to black as i feel it keeps the work simple and easier to see what is happening but also gives it the dark shadow like look.

so while looking at this artist for inspiration I decided to keep on my theme so i did a hare while trying to add lots of details

Drawing – Yutavia George


Yutavia George

link – Light and Darkness – Yutavia George

As I am looking into shadows i saw her work when on a virtual gallery (Trinity buoy whart). I decided to look into these works as they are similar to mine. the collection is called ‘light and darkness’ and mainly shows white and black giving the effect of shadows.

the photo are on the link im not going to put them on here due to copy right, but they are called beyond confinement (and the number of the piece) there was 6 of these. and then there is more, what was in the gallery was the beyond confinement 1,2 and 3.

her work is simple yet seems like there it a lot to get from it. I really like how it is so close up it makes you guess what it is. I feel these are either drawn or painted unlike mine that are actual shadows. but this have given me an idea if i can draw with actual objects to draw a shadow on a wall.

drawing – artist research Tim Noble and Sue Webster


as i was looking up ideas for another project i came across Tim Noble and Sue Webster. these two artist work together to create many different piece of works.

the main work i am interested in is how they use light to make art. in a project they did together, they used rubbish to create a shadow. these are some of their works.

these are so creative and i really enjoy them in both the idea of using rubbish but also the outcome of the works. this has inspired me to looking into shadows and manipulating light. this has led to me thinking how i can use some glass that i found.

Lens – Artist Research, Dan Maker Moore


Dan Maker Moore is a photographer who does a lot of different photos, but i got very interested by the animations he makes but also ending results of them. he will take photos/vidoes of a location over hours even days. and then slice it up to show the time period within a photo.

Time Slice Animations by Dan Marker-Moore (

this is the link to his page.

these are some of the inspirations from my piece but i am going to be making my by printing off the photos and cutting them up to make the slices, as i cant do any photo shop right now.

Print- Artist Research Lynda Goldberg


lynda goldberg is an artist who working with a range of materials i love her work as an artist in general but i am focusing on her mono printing. her work is closes inspired by nature and some of her works are very simple and i really like that about her works.

i love how these are more simple with the line and that she really focuses on the nature right in front of her. i feel i wanna use how she uses the line within my work. so im going to do some line drawings within my mono prints.

Drawing – Artist Research Shawn cross

Drawing – Artist Research Shawn cross


Shawn cross is an artist who became well knows for his metal health art works, while taking part within a challenge to draw every day in October and post it with the hashtag #inktober.

He has also worked on films and cartoons with his illustrations. when drawing a disorder he really thinks about each one and takes care how he represents each disorder and really giving its moment to be understood.

This is called social anxiety disorder from what i know this is the 1st of the 31. when i saw his work it really made me think about how i can use art to explain how I’m feeling instead of trying to draw something to scare the audience.

i feel like i could do more to show how i feel, sometimes i am thinking of is using animals to show the pressure of people watching and scary things I see attacking me. like how the hands are above but not the same fully.

lens – Artist Research Edward Honaker


he is an artist who had depression but used it within his work, he shows how he feels within his photos. two photos stood out to me and i have decided to take inspiration from it but make the final result within a different way producing a different but similar outcome.

i feel these have a really good meaning and i feel a relation to them so i wanted to try this, this also will be used within another artist to create the photos