Lens – Sound film


i made this sound film and i am really happy with it. i did add too much sound in the beginning so i had to go over and take some off. taking sound of then lead to it sounding more real and cleaner.

I feel this one worked really well but I also really like the photo as street like this are not too common. so i thought it would be an interesting photo ot use.

Lens – photo over time into a film.


this video was the first attempt and it didn’t really go well as my photos did not line but, but i do feel like i wasn’t trying hard enough so some photos are not even acceptable. but i am alot happier with the second film

this is my photo film where I took loads of different photos of the sun setting. this film was a little bit hard to make as I wanted to get the right angle but i feel it worked out quite well.

this was my second attempt of the videos as i knew i could do better than my fist film, so i chose to make another with a new set of photos.

lens – photos over time

lens – photos over time


i decided to look into light over time outside and light over time inside, as these can look very different. so i picked a street light outside and took a photo around once every 2 hours to show how that light changed and how the light from the sun light changes over a day.

Then the second one is how I use my light within an indoor place. so I used a skull in my room as a subject. this looks very different to the outside one as i take a nap in the day so the darkness is broken up plus i don’t normally going to sleep till 2am so the dark time is a lot less.

Lens – Artist Research, Dan Maker Moore


Dan Maker Moore is a photographer who does a lot of different photos, but i got very interested by the animations he makes but also ending results of them. he will take photos/vidoes of a location over hours even days. and then slice it up to show the time period within a photo.

Time Slice Animations by Dan Marker-Moore (danorst.com)

this is the link to his page.

these are some of the inspirations from my piece but i am going to be making my by printing off the photos and cutting them up to make the slices, as i cant do any photo shop right now.

lens – Artist Research Edward Honaker


he is an artist who had depression but used it within his work, he shows how he feels within his photos. two photos stood out to me and i have decided to take inspiration from it but make the final result within a different way producing a different but similar outcome.

i feel these have a really good meaning and i feel a relation to them so i wanted to try this, this also will be used within another artist to create the photos