Introduction – woodwork

Introduction – woodwork

Being introduced into working in the wood workshop.

This is another class I went to in the first week, where we got introduced into working with wood and the machines in the work shop. I also didn’t get any photos of processes on this either as i was working with machines.

The first thing I had to do was use a pair of compasses to create a circle as big as we could on a piece of MDF board that was about 16cm wide. I marked out a circle 15cm wide.

Then I used a bandsaw to 1) Cut the board smaller to make it easier to hold 2)To slowly cut around the circle. This wasn’t too difficult as I have used them before, but I have never done a circle before.

Then I moved on to belt and disc sander to be able to make a perfect circle and smooth out the edges from the saw.

I then used a pillar drill to create a circular hole within the circle. for this I pulled the drill down and went most the way, then I turned the wood over and lightly put the drill down until it centred its self. When it was straight I then pressed down again until it had made the complete hole.

After this is started to do pyrography onto the wood. I love pyrography and have done it for a little bit, it is really something I want to develop. For this I decided to stick to a lily (flower) and add some shading into the flower.

My final piece…..

introduction – plaster

introduction – plaster

Using clay and object to create a plaster tile

With in the first week we got inducted into clay and plaster. As we where told to not have our phones, unfortunately I did not get any photos on the process of making this piece. I wish I had.

At first I use a rolling pin to be able to make a square shape from the clay about 5 cm thick. Then I used random materials and object within the room to create shapes, textures and patterns to make marks within the clay. Some of the materials I used was; screws, nuts, pinecones, chain, my finger and more.

When I was happy with this I used a knife to cut out a rectangle about 13cm by 14.5cm. What I cut off I used as walls on the edges of the rectangle. I used slip to make sure that there was no hole, where leaks could get out.

Then I moved on to making the plaster, to make the plaster I added 1.5cm of water into a bowl and I started to sprinkle in the plaster. When sprinkling in the plaster I had to keep going till the plaster would stop dissolving into the water, because its to saturated. This would mean I could count to 10 and the plaster would still sit on the top of the water and be white (instead of a grey-ish colour)

Once it was at this point I used my hand to stir the plaster together and thicken it. When it was at a good consistency, then I poured the plaster into my clay mould. all I had to do then was wait for it to heat up and set. Then when it was ready, I removed the clay and carefully. I used a surform to clean up the edges. I also used a slightly wet tooth brush to clean the plaster tile.

Some prosses of my work…..

The final piece…..

Introduction – summer project

Introduction – summer project

summer task

For the summer task we has to show a how covid-19 had effected us. We had to paint/draw how we feel or what had changed.

For this I took on the idea of mental health and how it has made me feel during lockdown. Lockdown took it tole on everyone in someway or another. From kids who hated school wanting to go back cause they miss their friend, to the adults who don’t want to go to work everyday suddenly waiting to go back to stop the boredom.

My Art Piece…..

explanation of my work…..

I decided to use masks (unused) as my canvas. I decided this as it was a really good reminded of Covid and what we had to wear and see all the time all around us. Then I started off with a black background and it shows how lonely it can feel and how easy it is to fade into the back ground.

The person within the artwork doesn’t have many features, that is to make it easier to relate to anyone. As it doesn’t look like anyone in particular. I wanted it to be like this as being in lockdown is effecting all of us, so I wanted my work to be relatable

The idea of the half of a head and the landscape within the head is to show how everyone has their own world in their head. This world shows how it is ok and manageable but the dark clouds are slowly appearing, this shows how the darkness is slowly coming in and the clouds are slowly covering the land and staring to show on the face.