DMU Local Volunteering – Session 6


This session was a bit different and was more free for the children to use what they had learnt within the sessions prier. therefore the set up for this session was just to put out all of our materials, this mainly included colouring pencils, pens, paints and collaring materials. we gave all the children their sketchbooks as they came in and then let them sit down so we could explain to them what they were doing that session.

we also covered the floor in plastic wrap, this would give then children a choice of a larger and more messy space to use. due to children’s nature this worked out very well and they all started to sit on the floor. i thought this was a really good idea as this gave them the opportunity to sit and talk about each others works and we could see them starting to interact with each other and bounce ideas off each other.

this sessions was our first session after a week break, so when the children got back they where really exited to tell us about their 2 weeks and to do their own art. this meant they used every material that they could to create their works and they were very messy. this included splashing paint around to see its effect. once given paint and a paint brush the floor was soon covered in paint, as they started to see how if you put a smaller piece of paper over a bigger one and start splashing paint on it, it leaves an image of the smaller paper.

within the session there was not much the volerenteers could help with as it was more of letting the children explore the materials. i wanted to use this post to talk about what I have learnt and my experiences that I have had so far with in volunteering. When I first started I was more shy with talking to the children because their parents where sitting with them. With in the second session the children moved away from their parents to make the sculptures therefore l sat down with them and this made it easier to talk to them to be more involved with in the works.

i feel that this has really helped me to be more conftable with teaching people how to do things but also helped me learn how to talk with children on a better level of understanding. to be able to teach children a harder terminology of art, in a langue that they would understand is really important within art but within the normal launge and life.

i really enjoy this session and want to do more once this 10 are over, next year i will be looking into doing more for volunteering but possible teaching as well. i feel i really like volunteering more thought as it helps other people but also i love getting in touch with people and learning more about them.

next week i will not be attending as i have something that is happening but i will be joining the week after and that will be about women artists, so they children will make art around their favoutie female artist.