Julia Hadji – Stylianou – Artist Talk

Who Is Julia Hadji Stylianou

Her Website: http://juliahs.photography/

Juloia is a artist who has work in many different jobs through her life, commissions, wedding photographer, lecturer in DMU but is currently working as a image retoucher. she has a BA (bachelors) and a MA (masters) degree.

Context Behind Her Art

For a major part of her artistic life she was fascinated within the concept of dreams, she wanted to explore the ways in which she could show this with art. she did so in many different ways and different aspects of dreaming like dreams being reflections of the conscious mind, how dreams are fractioned when we are awake and dreams being glitches. As time going on she started o morph her context and interests into connections within location, identity and sense of self.

The drive to find her sense of self was from her family history, she is half British and half from Cyprus, this meant she would travel between the two often as she wanted to learn more about both sides.

Projects She Has Worked On

Chasing Dreams

within this project she researched in to dream theory, this gave her a lot of information about the ideas around dreams. she started to look into the idea of dreams being a reflection of the awake mind. This was represented through bodies of water. The reflection in the water would create a dream like reality.

She started looking into long exposer within photography to explore how our sense of self changed when in our dreams, she then found inspiration from a music videos and started looking into two different ways to create glitch art.

  1. she would put a copy of her photo onto the computer and open it as a text edit document, she would then add or take out code and save it to create the glitch but as a dream is when we wake up, sometimes the image will never open again and will become corrupted.
  2. she would send a photo to a monitor from her laptop, then the wire that is connecting the two would be cut. slowly they would put the wire back together creating parts of the images to come back.

Non Compos Mentis

The context behind this was thoughts, feeling and memories. she wanted to focus more on the awake mind. A big inspiration within this project was Cindy Sherman, but also her mental health. During this time she was really struggling with anxiety so she wanted to use her art to help it as it was the only thing that helped. there fore her first images was of herself. yet she felt something was missing, this is when she decided to look into locations. within this found the connection between the past locations that are meaningful to her and herself in this day.

she started to involved herself within the photos and they felt more complete, she used this to also ‘talk’ about her anxiety, another context she showed was in the images she would be very small, this shows how she felt within that location that she has a memory she was only a small part to that location. these were then featured in black river in 2020.

Some Of Her Other Projects

Other Notes I Took