Mid-year gallery


Why I’m talking about the assessment.

The formative Assessment is a period of time i put up my work as though it was in a gallery to be mark, just as an understanding of where I am within the grading system. This assessment ended up being a massive part of my project, as it helped me to consider where my project was heading and resulting in the development of how my project evolved and changed to have a deeper context and grasp within fine art.

My Work Within The Assessment.

How It Helped Me Professionally

Professionally being part of this assessment really helped me understand how to set up a gallery space, as i had never done so before. In order to have the art all at the same height, i measured the two ends of the wall and place a tight string across at the height i wanted, which was 152.4 cm. This helped me get all the art lined up.

By putting up these I have learnt skills in how to hang my work up, not only within a gallery space but also to see how it looks like without damaging the works (this is by putting clips onto the work and this is how you hang then from nails placed in the wall). This experience also helped me to consider what was my supporting work within the year, by this I mean what art work I feel worked and what didn’t work with my project.

(This experience also helped as a good example for how we should set up for the Two Queens Exhibition, as we got feedback from the assessment)

How It Helped Me Contextually

Although I got a C I felt this grade was not the best that I could achieve, but also the feedback I received really made me reconsider how deeply I’m looking into my subject, and how well I’m conveying my context. At first I was looking into how people see tattooed people, this was the subject i was greatly interested in but was not strong enough to be able to convey well. As it was subject that is not relatable to everyone.

Feed Back And How It Contextually Helped Me
Contextually within the feedback are a lot of criticism, that have helped me consider where I have taken my project. This feedback helped me change my project, I understood that my technical side was alright but I needed to focus on the context, and how I show it. Part of the problem was my art was very illustrative rather than fine art. This made me take a massive risk. I have decided to change my method of materials and go from printmaking, where I could be as in control as possible, to sculpture where I feel I have less control due to not having as much experience making me have to experiment more and not know the outcome.

I was in the art shop and some string caught my eye. This really interested me as I wanted to know how I could manipulate the materials and how it would react when changed. It also reminded me of being young and casting things. Therefore this term I will be playing and experimenting with string and PVA glue. Also I was recommended the artist Anthony Gormley, due to expressing my ideas, so I will look into him.