Online gallery with Peter.

Another students and i have decided to look into making a gallery to show case our print and sculpture work. This will be the work we created within the first term ( October- December 2021), we will be exploring how our works could complement each other’s and how to also develop an understanding on what its like to be a curator (In the concept of displaying the show). One reason we are doing an online exhibition is for safety as it’s an easy way to keep social distancing and not have any chance of covid, therefore we thought we would try a different approach to a show.

for this we will create a plan/mind map on what we need to think about and do in order to create this gallery. We will be using a website called art steps and then designing our own layout for the space itself. This will be the main challenge as we will have to find a way to show 3D sculptures through 2D photos. The mind map is below.

When doing this mindmap we found a way to show a 3D image from ever angel but also a way to present the work in the most realistic style to how it was set up in real life. Due to mine and peters stlye being similar within the subjects that we enjoy we felt that a gallery exploring printing and sculpture would be interesting and we mine learn more on how different mediums could work together for next term.

The photos above are from us trying to work out where we would need deviding walls and columns to show the 3D works, but also where we would put the collections of prints. Although most of the work would be within the same theme, the works that are not or are considered more supporting will be within another section. During the panning and creating off this we have decided to make a flyer for the exhibition, an artist statement in general but also write a little about each piece.

This is the plan and the flyer that we made to invite and advertise the exhibition, we have decided to go with a paper from due to how everything has gone online more. We feel having a actual paper invite stands out more now and is more inviting than an email. Then on;y things we need to do now is set a date we want to publish the exhibition and then hand out the flyers to teachers. I will be making another post when we do publish the exhibition to explain the website more in detail.