Year 2 gallery exhibition (Ubiquitous individual)

the Committee

to start off in the community we put people into group of what they wanted to do these groups are based off thing that need to happen:

  • Curators
  • Fundraising
  • Advertising
  • accounting

I decided to go into fundraising as I feel this was the best place to me, as a few years ago I had to fundraise over £4,000. We started by planning a meeting (I couldn’t attend due to COVID) and in this meeting we started by thinking of different things we can do to fundraise, this included clothes sales, cake bakes, art contests and other things. We also started thinking of a name to go with, as we hasn’t got the name down some of are ideas have a different name to the one we have now.

At first we had to found out how much money we need to be able to rent out the gallery (2 queen’s gallery) and how many days we want it for.
this was the email from Dan at the gallery, about how much the pricing will be just for the renting of the gallery, and we are looking at around £630.

This is our plan, we want the gallery from the 3-5th but then the 8th for taking the show down. This does mean that setting up will have to be planned well as it’s the most time sensitive part, but we have all agreed that we can help this part so there should be at least 8+ people for set up.

we wanted to start publicising about the exhibition and competitions coming up, so we created two Instagram pages one for a competition we are planning to do and the exhibition below are these pages. Here we post about the things we are planning but also try and get people to be more involved

we did a small clothes sale that was very unplanned as we wanted to start quickly with he fundraising before Christmas and we helped this within the art building at reception, this worked well considering it was very sudden. We raised around £150 and were very pleased with this. After Christmas we wanted to do another clothes sale so we started planning this one. below is the money we made from the small cloth sale.

there has be many posters made by people for each part of getting this gallery together, these posters where stuck around campus, university, Bede hall and social media. These are some of the posters that have been circulating.

this is the setting up of the gallery, I will make more posts of the fundraising and another of the physical set up of the show, any more information will be put on this post when updated.