Starting term 2 – Making A deeper meaning

Starting term 2 – Making A deeper meaning

thinking of ideas.

From getting the information back from the assessment, and discussing it on my post – mid year gallery. I have decided to take some time and research more about body modifications, society and artist research. This should help me understand how to develop a deeper connection between my art and the context it convey.

Artists i have found to research

  1. Anthony Gormley
  2. Orlan
  3. Chiharu Shiota
  4. Steve Haworth

When walking around the art shop i become interested in some string, i wanted to see how i could use it and manipulate its form to become another.The artist i am planing to research all have a connection within either my subject or material. Another thing i found in the shop was PVA glue, from this in know i want to do something involving casting, as this would link it back to my context and develop on from my first terms works.

How I Want To Make The Casts

When walking around the art shop i become interested in some string, i wanted to see how i could use it and manipulate its form to become another.The artist i am planing to research all have a connection within either my subject or material. Another thing i found in the shop was PVA glue, from this in know i want to do something involving casting, as this would link it back to my context and develop on from my first terms works.

Plans For My First Casting

When i have let the cast dry i am going to cut down one side of my leg to be able to unwrap the string from my leg, i will then be glueing them back together either with a hot glue or super glue. Im still unsure what will work the best to reattach the string so i will use this as an experiment to test what works best.

After i had completed the legs and some research

Having this planned helped a lot of it kept me on track of what i wanted to do next, i did find hot glue worked the best not only as i it would not soak unto the materials but also i felt i has more control to make it seem as though it is not there.When putting the leg back together i tired to put the string back perfectly back together. Although this is a longer process i really liked the outcome, so i will be taking the time to carry on trying to put them together perfectly. After i got the leg off my leg i jokingly put it against the wall, then decided i really liked this effect.

This gave me an idea to create a limb within a wall, this will be my next experiment to see how it would look and the feeling it would give.

Year 2 gallery – clothes sale

Year 2 gallery – clothes sale

As part of the year 2 exhibition we have to plan and execute fundraisings to be able to make the money up to rent the room for the exhibition, therefore we have decided to plan for a second clothes sale. we have already done one clothes sale but that was a very small and fast one as it was not really planned, but it did help us raise around £150 pounds.

for this clothes sale we need to plan;

  • A day and time to sell clothes ( paragraph 1)
  • where to get clothes to sell (paragraph 1)
  • promotions ( paragraph 1 )
  • clothes racks ( paragraph 1)
  • whos manning the stool and timings ( paragraph 2 )
  • venue for a place to sell (paragraph 2)
  • how we can take money ( paragraph 3)
  • what happens to the clothes we don’t sell (paragraph 3)

Paragraph 1

The committee planned to have the clothes sale on the 27th as this gave chance for the student loan to come in, giving people the money to spend but also as its when most of the classes has restarted meaning most of the students will be back from Christmas break. Another thing we thought about was what time we wanted to start and finish, we choose 9am-5pm as this is the “school” day meaning we would have the most people passing between these times.

As soon as we had set the date, the committee started asking fellow art students for any unwanted clothes, this meant we wouldn’t be spending money to make the money we needed, and clothes would not get wasted. by the 27th we had gain a large amount of clothes and has enough to fill two racks, a box and a table.

Another student hand made a clothes rack for us to use, but we also found a table, box and another rack to use when setting up the clothes, the committee also put out loads of posters a week before the sale but also on the day. we also handed out flyers on the day and too the students within the art tower.

We managed to get a place outside the Student union at the university , we decided to host it here as its more open and a lot of people pass this building on their way to lessons. this worked out really well as we had a lot of people see us on their way to a lesson and buy clothes on their way home.

i volunteered to help with set up as this would need the most help, so i started at 8:30 to take all the equipment and clothes down to the student union. The set up did not take that long and we were ready to sell at 9am, i stayed to help for 7 and a half hours, as i really enjoyed it. at first getting the money in was a little slow but we very quickly got passed £100. Below is the committee group chat of us updating everyone on the money we had made .are first aim was to hit £150, then we moved it to £350-£400. we moved the goal as we started gaining money faster mainly by selling clothes but we did get some donations. The screenshot of payments is from the 27th and is the card reader we used.

Local DMU Volunteering – Session 3 (recycling sculptor)

Local DMU Volunteering – Session 3 (recycling sculptor)


I helped set up at 9:30am, this included bring in loads of bags of rubbish and dumping them in the middle of the room. once all children were seated and had their books the teachers started to show them the example sheets. the sheets for this week was different artist examples for the children to look at and help them understand how they could use the rubbish to make a sculpture. this was a very hands on session for both the children and us as we had to help them alot with the process of making the sculptors.

For this activity they had the rubbish, scissors and tape to us.

bags of rubbish

There was 5 groups making different animals.

  • Sea turtles
  • elephant (my group)
  • shark
  • show leopard
  • tiger

I decided to go sit with the elephants, this was a group of 4-5 girls. Before we started to make the elephant they had 15 mins to draw their own design in their sketchbook and then they all came together and had a A1 sheet to combine their ideas before they would start. Once the design was finalized and the children had given them selves a task each. Starting was a little slow but as they started talking they got more inventive and we started to make a river for the elephant to drink out of and grass around it.

i really enjoyed watching and helping the children with this task and they all worked together to create something and when there was a problem like it wouldn’t stand its self up, they would work together to find a way to make it stand this involved using a pot under its feet and then to fill it with blue objects to make it look like water. Below is a photo of the elephant.

Soon after this photo was taken the elephant sadly died due to a child’s foot apparently not liking it so it was kicked over swiftly. After all the mess way made the children helped us put all the rubbish back in to bags and then they went home. This was such a fun experience and really showed me how even thought they had some what limited materials they really did well and made structures with the materials, this helped me understand that you don’t have to make something so literal for the outcome to be what you want it to.

Mid-year gallery


Why I’m talking about the assessment.

The formative Assessment is a period of time i put up my work as though it was in a gallery to be mark, just as an understanding of where I am within the grading system. This assessment ended up being a massive part of my project, as it helped me to consider where my project was heading and resulting in the development of how my project evolved and changed to have a deeper context and grasp within fine art.

My Work Within The Assessment.

How It Helped Me Professionally

Professionally being part of this assessment really helped me understand how to set up a gallery space, as i had never done so before. In order to have the art all at the same height, i measured the two ends of the wall and place a tight string across at the height i wanted, which was 152.4 cm. This helped me get all the art lined up.

By putting up these I have learnt skills in how to hang my work up, not only within a gallery space but also to see how it looks like without damaging the works (this is by putting clips onto the work and this is how you hang then from nails placed in the wall). This experience also helped me to consider what was my supporting work within the year, by this I mean what art work I feel worked and what didn’t work with my project.

(This experience also helped as a good example for how we should set up for the Two Queens Exhibition, as we got feedback from the assessment)

How It Helped Me Contextually

Although I got a C I felt this grade was not the best that I could achieve, but also the feedback I received really made me reconsider how deeply I’m looking into my subject, and how well I’m conveying my context. At first I was looking into how people see tattooed people, this was the subject i was greatly interested in but was not strong enough to be able to convey well. As it was subject that is not relatable to everyone.

Feed Back And How It Contextually Helped Me
Contextually within the feedback are a lot of criticism, that have helped me consider where I have taken my project. This feedback helped me change my project, I understood that my technical side was alright but I needed to focus on the context, and how I show it. Part of the problem was my art was very illustrative rather than fine art. This made me take a massive risk. I have decided to change my method of materials and go from printmaking, where I could be as in control as possible, to sculpture where I feel I have less control due to not having as much experience making me have to experiment more and not know the outcome.

I was in the art shop and some string caught my eye. This really interested me as I wanted to know how I could manipulate the materials and how it would react when changed. It also reminded me of being young and casting things. Therefore this term I will be playing and experimenting with string and PVA glue. Also I was recommended the artist Anthony Gormley, due to expressing my ideas, so I will look into him.

Online gallery with Peter.

Another students and i have decided to look into making a gallery to show case our print and sculpture work. This will be the work we created within the first term ( October- December 2021), we will be exploring how our works could complement each other’s and how to also develop an understanding on what its like to be a curator (In the concept of displaying the show). One reason we are doing an online exhibition is for safety as it’s an easy way to keep social distancing and not have any chance of covid, therefore we thought we would try a different approach to a show.

for this we will create a plan/mind map on what we need to think about and do in order to create this gallery. We will be using a website called art steps and then designing our own layout for the space itself. This will be the main challenge as we will have to find a way to show 3D sculptures through 2D photos. The mind map is below.

When doing this mindmap we found a way to show a 3D image from ever angel but also a way to present the work in the most realistic style to how it was set up in real life. Due to mine and peters stlye being similar within the subjects that we enjoy we felt that a gallery exploring printing and sculpture would be interesting and we mine learn more on how different mediums could work together for next term.

The photos above are from us trying to work out where we would need deviding walls and columns to show the 3D works, but also where we would put the collections of prints. Although most of the work would be within the same theme, the works that are not or are considered more supporting will be within another section. During the panning and creating off this we have decided to make a flyer for the exhibition, an artist statement in general but also write a little about each piece.

This is the plan and the flyer that we made to invite and advertise the exhibition, we have decided to go with a paper from due to how everything has gone online more. We feel having a actual paper invite stands out more now and is more inviting than an email. Then on;y things we need to do now is set a date we want to publish the exhibition and then hand out the flyers to teachers. I will be making another post when we do publish the exhibition to explain the website more in detail.

𝙳𝙼𝚄 Local Volunteering – Session 2 (colour wheel)

𝙳𝙼𝚄 Local Volunteering – Session 2 (colour wheel)


The classes start at 10am but the volunteers turn up at 9:30am to help set up, this time all it involves was putting chairs and table. When the children (30 children) turned up we helped give them name tags and their own sketchbook, so they can see all their work together. Once they where sat down the teacher started to explain what words we use to explain different aspects of colour and what the children would be doing that day.

The sheets below are the handouts for that day, we explained what the words mean on the sheet to the left. These sheets really helped the children as they got an example of the colour wheel they had to make.

The first task the children had to completer was to fill their own colour wheel with paint, for this we gave them a paint pallet with yellow, red and blue in and told them they have to make the colours and fill in each colour. This gave the a great experience of what primary colours ( primary colours are a set of colours that can be mixed to make all other colours) they would have to mix to make the ones they need for the colour wheel.

The other sheet we explained to the children is how colour can be used to express feelings, with the main two being how you can make a painting sad or happy. this lead to paint being thrown at the paper but in colour themes of how they where feeling at the time, once they had time to explore both of them sheets the next task was to draw themselves.

When drawing themselves they were given a sheet about proportions and showing how to draw a generic face. this was the hardest bit for them as they had to draw it and think about how they could do it as close as they could to reality, their parents helped them and it led to some very different outcomes. A lot of the older children did amazing with this part and stunted a lot of us on how well they managed to proportion the head. (one even doing a full body). Once they had done some drawing, some of the children decided to start doing backgrounds and this took form in beaches and living rooms with TVs.

This is not the original sheet they used, just an example I found on the internet

Volunteering with 𝙳𝙼𝚄 Local.

Professional Studies

Local DMU was asking for volunteers to help with an art club every Saturday for 10 weeks (9;30-11;30 from the 15th of January to the 26th of March 2022), i decided i wanted to help so i replied to the email (original email from Jamie Scott) then i had to do an online course and wait to hear if i got a place as a volunteer.

Once i got the place and I had completed the online-courses, a DBS check and attended the meeting about the volunteering. i could then help out with the club,

The job evolves one person teaching the children and the volunteers acting like helpers and give them supplies and cleaning up. There are 10 sessions and each session will be teaching different techniques to the children (their parents will come alone as well) so I will be making a post for each week, with what we taught the children and the sheet that where used to help them.

these are all the posts and sessions.

  • Session 1: portraits (15.01.2022)
  • session 2: colour wheels (22.01.2022)
  • session 3: recyclable sculptures (29.01.2022)
  • session 4: life drawing (05.02.2022)
  • session 5: session was not on (12.02.2022)
  • session 6: doing what ever media they want (19.02.2022)
  • session 7: missed session (26.02.2022)
  • session 8: female roll models (05.03.2022)
  • session 9: gallery ( 12.03.2022)
  • session 10: starting final pieces of works (19.03.2022)
  • session 11: finishing final pieces (26.03.2022)

when first applying I didn’t realize this was part of Cps, I really wanted to help to teach art to children, when talking to the organizers of this we got into a conversation about how art is not really taught within primary school therefore they started these sessions. I found this really interesting and gave me more of a reason I wanted to help out with these classes. Within the 10 session one week is dedicated to taking the children to a gallery, this is an amazing opportunity for them to start to see art and be more involved within the creative world. Witch is such an important part of being a child.

This volunteering opportunity not only helps with confidence but it always helps me to learn how to interact more easily with new people quickly, as a part of tattooing I will need to have this skill so the client feels more comfortable and at ease while I am tattooing them. It’s a really good skill to have in general life and makes people wants to come back more when they feel they have a good professional relationship with a person and it seems friendly. I am very happy I took on this opportunity even thought I will need to very carefully manage my time as I have a lot happening, but it can be done.

Below Are Photos From The Volunteering

These Are The Feedback Form From The Parents And Children

An Email Of Feedback For How I Did

Year 2 gallery exhibition (Ubiquitous individual)

the Committee

to start off in the community we put people into group of what they wanted to do these groups are based off thing that need to happen:

  • Curators
  • Fundraising
  • Advertising
  • accounting

I decided to go into fundraising as I feel this was the best place to me, as a few years ago I had to fundraise over £4,000. We started by planning a meeting (I couldn’t attend due to COVID) and in this meeting we started by thinking of different things we can do to fundraise, this included clothes sales, cake bakes, art contests and other things. We also started thinking of a name to go with, as we hasn’t got the name down some of are ideas have a different name to the one we have now.

At first we had to found out how much money we need to be able to rent out the gallery (2 queen’s gallery) and how many days we want it for.
this was the email from Dan at the gallery, about how much the pricing will be just for the renting of the gallery, and we are looking at around £630.

This is our plan, we want the gallery from the 3-5th but then the 8th for taking the show down. This does mean that setting up will have to be planned well as it’s the most time sensitive part, but we have all agreed that we can help this part so there should be at least 8+ people for set up.

we wanted to start publicising about the exhibition and competitions coming up, so we created two Instagram pages one for a competition we are planning to do and the exhibition below are these pages. Here we post about the things we are planning but also try and get people to be more involved

we did a small clothes sale that was very unplanned as we wanted to start quickly with he fundraising before Christmas and we helped this within the art building at reception, this worked well considering it was very sudden. We raised around £150 and were very pleased with this. After Christmas we wanted to do another clothes sale so we started planning this one. below is the money we made from the small cloth sale.

there has be many posters made by people for each part of getting this gallery together, these posters where stuck around campus, university, Bede hall and social media. These are some of the posters that have been circulating.

this is the setting up of the gallery, I will make more posts of the fundraising and another of the physical set up of the show, any more information will be put on this post when updated.