History Of Tattooing pt.1- Subject Study

Subject Study

What Is A Tattoo?

Tattoos are a type of body modification, where a type of ink/dye/pigment is injected into the skin through needles on a tattoo machine. This is a machine that has a rotary wheel that moves a needle.

When Did Tattooing Begin

Tattooing has been around for hundreds of years, therefore it will never be truly known when tattooing first happened. Recently they have changed and become more popular in the form of modern art being placed on the body. Here is one example of tattooing in tribes.

They haven’t always meant the same thing and been ‘acceptable’ for everyone to have. The word tattoo comes from another word, this word is tatau. Tatau is an Tahitian word that means ‘ to mark something’. The Tahitians was one of the first humans to have a style of tattooing even thought some of these tattoos where not permeant. They started tattooing in 1500BC but these tattoos where in respect of their personalities and social ranks within the two tribes that where on Tahiti, this is an island within a group of islands in the pacific ocean.

Tahiti – Wikipedia

Timeline Of Tattooing Through History And Cultures.

This is a timeline I found, I have picked out the important information. This timeline shows how tattoos have fluctuated in popularity over history. I found out some really interesting facts from this, for example new-York had a tattoo ban till 1997 and the first women who tattooed was Jessie Knight in 1922.

Tattoo History Timeline (tattoofilter.com)

Traditional Tattoos (left) VS Modern Tattoo (right)

As with mainly all traditional and modern-day tattoo differences, the traditional had thicker lines with bold block colours. Unlike the modern-day tattoo that are thinker, more delicate and a lot more detail and realism. Although modern day tattoos might be more aesthetic, traditional tattoo stands the test of time better as the thick lines wont blur as much and they will keep the art clearer for longer. below are more examples of the difference.

My Tattooing

As I have been interested in tattooing in the future I have been practicing tattooing, although some of these ARE NOT my design these are my attempts at tattooing (I did these…. just NOT my design).

These videos show the different stages of getting a tattoo, from the stencil that is just a piece of paper (like charcoal paper) so it leaves the stencil on the skin. Then the tattoo itself being finished, to the cleaning of the skin after to get all excess ink off.

putting the stencil on skin
cleaning the tattoo

I have really enjoyed exploring tattooing, and this has not only helped me contextually but professionally. Contextually i felt it helped, so i could not only understand the people who get tattoos like me but also the process of getting one. All the stages tattooing evolves is like an experience of someone becoming who they are.

Stencil – like the stencil you try out a look that you think you might like, or try out something like a hobbies you might like.

Tattooing – once you have decided its something you like, you do it and add it to your life. You become it and it becomes you.

Cleaning – you then practice and make it better. Or you forget the old you and focus on the new and happy you by being who you are.

Professionally it has helped as its my future career. this has given me the chance to start to develop my skills within tattooing and my understanding on how to tattoo and learn more about the practice itself.

Some More Tattoos