Chine-collé technique

Artist research

chine-collé is a technique of glueing thin paper of a different texture or colour like tissue paper is glued onto prints. When using this technique you ink up the plate, then prepare the paper as normal. Before placing the paper onto the inked plate you place the thin paper on the plate glue side up and then place the paper onto, so when it goes through the press the papers will be glue together but so well it appears to be one piece of paper.

This is a video explaining the technique and showing you how Ken Elliot did the process but I will not be using the same materials as him, but the outcome will be the same. Instead of wallpaper paste I will be using a glue stick due to using tissue paper. This adds a layer of colour underneath the print therefore it’s an easier way to add background colour. I found this video really helpful to get some ideas on how I can use this technique more.

This is the MoMam page explaining the proses of the technique, but also about the materials used. I decided to look into the technique on MoMa as it is a more truthful scores..

the plan

I will be using the plate I have made in dry-point and etching to try this technique on. I will be using them to experiment and explore how I could use this style to bring colour into my works. I have choosen the smaller etching due to the nature with in it, the nature has various different colours within it making the colour range more That just green. The photo below is the plan on what I might do with my etching.

The main colours I want to use is red, yellow and green. I also have white to see if it will change anything but as the paper is white I feel it will just blend in. I will be putting the outcome onto another post to see what has happened and if I want to make changes or I will carry on using this way of adding colour to my prints.