Chapman brothers

Artist research

while I was doing primary research with nature I also thought about the chapman brothers and the work they did with someone else’s etchings, the chapman brothers used art to be very controversial and made to make people have a very strong reaction.

Jake and Dinos chapman are two know English artists who used art to bring reactions to the public in many different ways, one of Whitchurch that I’m very interested in. The main prices I am interested in was their works on some of Francisco Goya’s etchings (a total of 80) and then drew onto each of them with cartoonist and ‘funny’ characters. The original series was ‘the disasters of war’ by Goya but once changed turn into ‘the disasters of everyday life’ below are some this series.

The original series was to show people who bad the Spanish war was and the horrific events that take place, then the brother drew over them and made them into a joke, as they wants to create shocking reactions within people.

these are works are so free, these showed me how even if there are lines set and a drawing in place doesn’t mean that is what you have to stay with. The brothers took a pre-existing drawing and reinventing it. This helped me to develop my colour work as it helped me think that just cause I have created boundaries with my drawings and art doesn’t mean I have to stick with them. Therefor with my etching i am going to try and add colour in a more loose way, I have thought about a technique called chine-collé. As this would give me the opportunity to be more loose with my work and try to have a less of a detailed approach.

form thinking about being more loose / abstract within my work, I decided to try and make a really ruff plan on how I might want my work to look. But I will not be sticking with it, I want to make a plan to try an encourage myself to be more loose. So I have used Procreate on one of my etchings to just add some colour to an image.

As much as I hate this as I do not like colour I still want to go ahead and experiment so with the next prints I am doing with this plate I will be experimenting with chine-collé, but I will be setting the risk and task to use the tissue paper how ever it rips as this will give me less control of the outcome.