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With in my studies I am exploring how society looks and treats other people, but also playing with the concept of the other side. The other side meaning how individuals feel about society. As a collective we don’t see how we pull people back and ideal the “perfect person”, yet there are people who don’t want to be this “perfect person” so they do what they want, this action of being who they want to be then creates the argument of are they the perfect person for being free and who they are or are they just too different that its bad? and who gets to decide this?. Therefor I am exploring how people like me, who want to be different and have art on my body but also fight with body image issues and just trying to be the best me I can, feel when society tells us we have to be a “perfect person” and hold all the creative individuals back.

Education and Awards (start from DMU go back to FAD/ND/A Levels)

Fine Art BA (Hons) Year 1

UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in art and design (distinction)

UAL Level 3 Diploma in Art And Design (merit)

Exhibitions one person/group (start from most recent)

2 piece of my work Exhibited in the Leicester Museum and Art Gallery on the 4th December -21st January

Online exhibition with another student. ( in progress)

A group of students and I fundraised, planned and curated a gallery within Two Queens Gallery in Leicester for the second years in De Montfort University from 4th-8th march 2022

Exhibited work in the second year gallery .Two within the VJ patel building in De Montfort University 28th April-9th may 2022


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Volunteering with π™³π™Όπš„ Local to help teach children art from 9;30-11;30 on Saturday for 10 weeks.

Made a printing edition with the class and it was given to some lecturers.

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