Drawing – Artist Research Kirsty Latoya


Kirsty latoya is an digital artist how uses her finger to paint onto an ipad (i think). she used her art to talk about mental health and her works show mainly a person and depicts a type of mental illness in an art form.

these where interesting as they showed how you could present mental health. i have known about this artist for a while but thought her work relates to mine in a way so i went back and looked at her works again.

i thought that this could be seen like my collage of me and the task of showing feelings within the body as a drawing

drawing – tasks


these are some of the drawing i got from a task that was a set. the task was to show our journey around out house. i really loved this as it shows different path ways just by mapping out different parts of your house. these all where really interesting to me and i think that i would look more into this but just not with in this project.