printing – developing the hare.


This was the base that i started with, it was a lino hare and i really love it because of how simple i have kept it but still have enough details within the piece. i kept it black and white to make sure you focus on the hare but also see how the line through the middle effects the piece. this is as though there is a zone of the future the hare is passing through.

from the main line i thought about how i could use this idea more so i looked into what lines the hare its self makes with its feet ears and tail and extended these lines to show how these can feel a lot of space. i feel this made me start to experiment with how i could use the space around the hare and make the piece look more complete.

this is when i started experimenting within colour for the back ground. as i don’t like a lot of colour and didn’t want to take away from the hare i used a collage technique as i felt it would also match better with the line. i used the colours as sky and grass but also looked into the different textures i could use. (bubble wrap, roller, packing card,scraping)

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