drawing – collaging (me)


this is a very important piece to me, in the middle fo the night i needed to let go of some emotions and i started to do this. it is made up of loads of different materials i had.

  • prints – i made
  • hand prints – acrylic paint
  • packaging materials
  • printed bubble wrap
  • black pastels
  • white pen
  • and more

this is a development on the tasks we where giving to get our emotions onto paper. all the different piece are used for different reason and this will be explained in the SDR as they are privet.

i feel this might be the main piece in this body of works and i might see if i can develop it in this project but i will defiantly develop it in my private study.

i wanted to show a person cluttered brain in a physical cluttered way. so i started by finding random material i could stick on the paper this also included bumpy materials and bubble wrap to print with. then I added in hand prints to show trying to escape and the prints I made in term 1.

then i used a photo of myself to draw the girl, I drew the girl with pastels I didn’t want the girl to have any emotions to keep with the idea there is more to a person in there head than you can see. so far this is my favourite piece.

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