drawing – skulls


From knowing i didn’t really want to go in the direction of ‘creatures’ from the quick sketches in the woodlands, i wanted to keep doing work but figure out where i wanted to go. so i decided to do something i know as a bridge to somewhere new. so i started to draw skulls.

when i finished this drawing i was so happy with it and got so exited to do another one, so i decided to do another. i decided to do skulls because we trust our skulls to looks after our brains but they cant help us from the inside so it cant protect us from mental health.

this was the second skull i drew, as i was really exited to carry on but while i did this i started to think about they eyes of a human and how there is more on a connections with the eyes, i feel this would be a better way to convey my idea.

after these two skulls i wanted to start looking into human eyes. in my own time i do want to draw more skulls though.

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