Print – Mono printing


The first two are me drawing in to the ink its self, and making up the design and the last one is the out come. This came out a lot better than i thought as the print came out with white missing bits of ink. This ended up looking like embers from a fire and shows how we have slowly destroyed tress and nature over time.

this is me drawing on to the back of the paper to pick up the ink, i had to try this twice as the first time I didn’t notice I had put to much ink down and it picked it all up (very right photo) but then one in the middle was the final outcome I think I could do this better.

The one on the far right is the stencil I made on the ink from this I made the other two prints, and I tried drawing on the back of the ink as well. I really liked this but wanted to see if i could make a more real skull so I moved to drawing on the paper.

This is one of my best prints. with a paintbrush I drew into the ink before putting the paper onto the ink. I really like this piece and want to try it more as this was the best controlled way I could create the marks I want.

These are some of the random prints I made, I wanted to see what patterns I could make and see how the inks would mix. I feel this helped me to figure out how I could use the inks in a more controlled way when i next do printing.

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