lens – my take of photographers photos.


Laurence Demaison

blog link – Laurence Demaison – Site Officiel

within his work is mainly black and white photos of people (he also does drawing and other forms of art), he works closely with water and distorting the the people. he works seems very dark and have a creepy feeling to it. when first thinking of lens I wanted to try and use some glass panels I have to put water on them, so I thought they would be a good way to try it.

These are some of my photos from him that I love, and I was thinking of using a glass panel and seeing how I can use it to warp peoples faces and images.

My Photography…..

these are the edited photos I took and are basically the final photos for this artist, I really like them and they are much better than I thought the would be. i have some that are more closely linked to the original artist and then i have made some that are more my type of art (adding in a nature look within the photo).

these are the progress…..

these are the progress but also photos I would post as I do like them, I just think for this task I would hang in the first ones I showed.

The set up was made of boxes and a chair holding up the glass panel and tape around the edges to I could add a thin layer of water, then i added soap over where my face was as I discovered that if i use my fingers to move the soap around it would distraught my face. then i used a yellow lighted lamp to give it a nicer colour than white and a blanket for the black background.

i used a selfie stick to be able to take the photos and also designed to mess around with the filters on my phone to create the black and white. the only down side is when I put the soap over my face i could no longer see what the picture looked out so I didn’t know the outcome till after i took the photo.

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