Sculpture – mushroom world in skull (p2)


This is doing the inside of the skull i made out of plaster.

This was the prosses of making the skull, I used pre-made mushrooms. but for this I painted the skull and decided it was too dark and i really hated it so I made the painting on the canvas for the mushroom world with the wooden board. (I wanted to practice and experiment so I did that painting and then it turned in to a piece of work).

I used air dry clay for the earthy places. I painted it with really watered down watercolour on the outside to give effect of shadow. I did a mix of acrylic and watercolour on the inside. While the clay was wet I added the mushrooms on it and then waited for it to dry. Then I painted it and added all the other mushrooms with a glue gun. i also used the glue gun to glue the two halves together.

these are the finished photos, I think I could improve it by making little changes but other than that I am happy with how it has come out.

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