CPS – Contemporary artist and Historic Artist In Context

Kim Noble

She is an painter who suffers Dissociative identity disorder. she has done several solo and group exhibitions. She was born in 1960 but didn’t start painting till 2004 due to having art therapy. Within her life she is in and out of hospital a lot. she also has a book and has had many tv and radio interviews.

Kim expresses her feeling through her art, her work shows deeply how she feels trapped within her headspace. Her art is mainly dark tones with the main subject of a person/people. These people are shown as trapped or chained.

On her website she has her work. Each person has different art so she puts on there under the name of the person. Each person has a completely different style but all seem to have the same amount of pain in the work.

Francisco Goya

Born in 1746 Francisco was well known for his etchings, One of the etching that stood out to me was The sleep of reason produces monsters (1799). he was known as a master within art. His art was later defaced and use within the Chapmans brothers work.

His work normal become a lot more intense and deeper after he became deaf from an illness this could be due to a mental illness he gained after losing his hearing. After this his mental and physical health got much worse.

His art is mainly dark and a lot of the art etching to do with problems like war. He shows a very scripted message of what he though about the world. much of his works evolve demon looking creates, bats, people and owls.

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