Cps – Artist talks

Lee Maelzer

Her past life was not the best with split parents then they got ill, but also drug addiction. She original grew up within London and dropped out of school at 13, at 18 she moved to Vancouver. She did end up moving back to London and getting on to a saint martins foundation and BA course.

Her main works are paintings but she did dive into sculpture when the drug addition was too bad. her work has a strong reference to location, this has involved small flats but also abandoned buildings. This then gives the viewer the idea of is it real or invented. She does look at photos but she doesn’t allow her self to look at the photo for too long as she believes it creates a negative effect on the art. The way she makes her art is she will build it up from the dark shadows to the highlights. within her painting she is always exited to do her work and always has an idea on where she wants to head next.

I really like her work due to how she has a mixture of dreaminess and in her head visions but also realty, I feel as though this shows a lot of her emotions about moving home a lot. One thing that stands out if cause she moves a lot she put a lot of objects within her work this to me stands out as her missing things or clamming they are emotionally hers.

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