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tattooing is a hard job to get into due to having to have a lot of experience before starting, this requires getting a placement within a shop to be able to watch and learn and then to acquired a licence.

The starting rate of a tattooist can be around £40-50 an hour but as you improve you could earn around £37,000 (other websites say in 2020 it was £60,000+)a year.

What Is the Average Entry Level Wage for Tattoo Artists? (chron.com)

This website has a lot of information’s about income within tattooing and what you could expect on different levels.

I am interested because it is something I have always wanted to get into. i think they are an amazing way for people to express themselves, i feel art is not just something to look at on a wall and if i can help someone express themselves through art then I want to.

Tattoos in the Workplace Statistics (stapaw.com)

Tattooing is a growing industry with more younger people wanting tattoos. tattooing has been around for years and like fashion can go in and out of style.

Before coming to university I was looking into a two week course to learn the basics of tattooing there is a few ways to get into the job and some people will just go into a shop and learn but others will take courses like this to speed it up.


This is a company that does that course within this you can learn a good amount of everything to do with tattooing and gives lots of opportunities after. (e.g employment or even going self employed)

How to Become a Tattoo Artist: Career Guide (study.com)

This website explains about the exams and apprenticeship you have to take in order to get a licence. this also has a step to step of how to the job.

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