Print – Mono printing

Print – Mono printing


The first two are me drawing in to the ink its self, and making up the design and the last one is the out come. This came out a lot better than i thought as the print came out with white missing bits of ink. This ended up looking like embers from a fire and shows how we have slowly destroyed tress and nature over time.

this is me drawing on to the back of the paper to pick up the ink, i had to try this twice as the first time I didn’t notice I had put to much ink down and it picked it all up (very right photo) but then one in the middle was the final outcome I think I could do this better.

The one on the far right is the stencil I made on the ink from this I made the other two prints, and I tried drawing on the back of the ink as well. I really liked this but wanted to see if i could make a more real skull so I moved to drawing on the paper.

This is one of my best prints. with a paintbrush I drew into the ink before putting the paper onto the ink. I really like this piece and want to try it more as this was the best controlled way I could create the marks I want.

These are some of the random prints I made, I wanted to see what patterns I could make and see how the inks would mix. I feel this helped me to figure out how I could use the inks in a more controlled way when i next do printing.

Print- Artist Research Lynda Goldberg


lynda goldberg is an artist who working with a range of materials i love her work as an artist in general but i am focusing on her mono printing. her work is closes inspired by nature and some of her works are very simple and i really like that about her works.

i love how these are more simple with the line and that she really focuses on the nature right in front of her. i feel i wanna use how she uses the line within my work. so im going to do some line drawings within my mono prints.

Drawing – Artist Research Shawn cross

Drawing – Artist Research Shawn cross


Shawn cross is an artist who became well knows for his metal health art works, while taking part within a challenge to draw every day in October and post it with the hashtag #inktober.

He has also worked on films and cartoons with his illustrations. when drawing a disorder he really thinks about each one and takes care how he represents each disorder and really giving its moment to be understood.

This is called social anxiety disorder from what i know this is the 1st of the 31. when i saw his work it really made me think about how i can use art to explain how I’m feeling instead of trying to draw something to scare the audience.

i feel like i could do more to show how i feel, sometimes i am thinking of is using animals to show the pressure of people watching and scary things I see attacking me. like how the hands are above but not the same fully.

lens – Artist Research Edward Honaker


he is an artist who had depression but used it within his work, he shows how he feels within his photos. two photos stood out to me and i have decided to take inspiration from it but make the final result within a different way producing a different but similar outcome.

i feel these have a really good meaning and i feel a relation to them so i wanted to try this, this also will be used within another artist to create the photos

lens – my take of photographers photos.


Laurence Demaison

blog link – Laurence Demaison – Site Officiel

within his work is mainly black and white photos of people (he also does drawing and other forms of art), he works closely with water and distorting the the people. he works seems very dark and have a creepy feeling to it. when first thinking of lens I wanted to try and use some glass panels I have to put water on them, so I thought they would be a good way to try it.

These are some of my photos from him that I love, and I was thinking of using a glass panel and seeing how I can use it to warp peoples faces and images.

My Photography…..

these are the edited photos I took and are basically the final photos for this artist, I really like them and they are much better than I thought the would be. i have some that are more closely linked to the original artist and then i have made some that are more my type of art (adding in a nature look within the photo).

these are the progress…..

these are the progress but also photos I would post as I do like them, I just think for this task I would hang in the first ones I showed.

The set up was made of boxes and a chair holding up the glass panel and tape around the edges to I could add a thin layer of water, then i added soap over where my face was as I discovered that if i use my fingers to move the soap around it would distraught my face. then i used a yellow lighted lamp to give it a nicer colour than white and a blanket for the black background.

i used a selfie stick to be able to take the photos and also designed to mess around with the filters on my phone to create the black and white. the only down side is when I put the soap over my face i could no longer see what the picture looked out so I didn’t know the outcome till after i took the photo.

Print – Inspiration

Print – Inspiration


some photos that I liked when looking for things I might like to experiment with to do with time.

Time – Animals

time – in nature

time – objects

Sculpture – mushroom world in skull (p2)


This is doing the inside of the skull i made out of plaster.

This was the prosses of making the skull, I used pre-made mushrooms. but for this I painted the skull and decided it was too dark and i really hated it so I made the painting on the canvas for the mushroom world with the wooden board. (I wanted to practice and experiment so I did that painting and then it turned in to a piece of work).

I used air dry clay for the earthy places. I painted it with really watered down watercolour on the outside to give effect of shadow. I did a mix of acrylic and watercolour on the inside. While the clay was wet I added the mushrooms on it and then waited for it to dry. Then I painted it and added all the other mushrooms with a glue gun. i also used the glue gun to glue the two halves together.

these are the finished photos, I think I could improve it by making little changes but other than that I am happy with how it has come out.

sculpture – mushroom world (head space p2)

sculpture – mushroom world (head space p2)


These photos are from making the 3D piece of work, I found this easier than i though but then I had to take it home due to covid and it got smashed from the journey. This made recreating the work very hard.

As I already had the painting done as it was partly an experiment for the next piece, I got a piece of MDF that was the right size and marked out the pilot holes into the canvas. then I started using clay to for the back of the “earth”. I tried to smudge it on the board to it would stick (it didn’t). then I used some of the mushroom I had made to stick in the clay, this was easier as i had added nails into the bottom of them. I did also make new mushrooms which I painted and them dried when I was at the accommodation.

I added the mushrooms and other materials onto the clay (grass is from fake flowers, water is melted crayons, mud is crushed clay and super glue to make it look wet, mushrooms thick leaves, stumps and rocks are all clay) I let the whole thing dry.

I used a mixture of water colours and acrylic to make vibrate colours to paint the clay. i should have cut the board before adding the clay because i wanted the middle (empty) bit out but decided to paint it as the clay was to delicate to saw the wood.

This is the finish look of the work I am really happy with out it has turned out and i feel the 3d element makes the work more inviting.

the idea behind this is how someone who takes drugs to escape realty might see their head space, and they have to take a very long path to get back to real life. the bright colours and friend look is to show how they like being away from reality and in a sense going back to life is like going to the light when your dying.

Sculpture – self growth

Sculpture – self growth


This is the processes of me making the three heads, i started by shaping the clay in to the head shapes, with the different sizes. Then i started to cut and scrape out the skull so that i can put the plants within the heads.

shaping the faces and making the details was a lot harder than I thought they would be but I am happy with how they turned out and i feel they convey the idea I am trying to present.

once dried I painted them white and then added some shadings to help define the faces. i really like this simple look as it gives the colours a change to contrast against the bright plants.

These are photos of the final heads, I wanted this piece to show 3 stages within a humans life. child, teenager and adult. the smallest head (child) shows how a child doesn’t need to worry about who they are and they just have fun. the medium head (teenager) is finding it hard dot know who they are and to get out of there shell. the biggest (adult) this shows how they have become ok with who they are and have grown their self as they are now happy with life.

This is one of my favourite piece of work i have made and I’m so happy with how it has come out.