Drawing – New project


For my new project I wanted to think about something new that other people might not know about/see. I want to let people discover/ learn about something new. for this I wanted to show about seeing things. I feel only some people will see or think things are there but other don’t. just cause you see things does not mean it is a Schizophrenia

For this my first idea was to do some 2-5 mins sketches of what I see.

This is a sketch of something I have seen a lot when I go to the woods. For me the woods is a very calming place, its somewhere I want to go and just be by myself and be myself. As it gets dark I do see things, this is one of them I see a lot within the trees, more times ill see it move either very fast or not at all.

This was one I saw when I was walking near the university. This was while I was walking in the dark. they are scary as hell but interesting of why I see them.

This is one that I see within buildings as they crawl on the roof and they scurry on the floor. This one I feel more first and then see.

One thing I want to do is to go to the woods and do quick sketches on the things I see.

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