Sculpture – Kendal Murray


Kendal Murray is an artist who works with the miniatures (I really enjoy her work). She makes little scene on top of random objects. These are mix media piece and he inspiration is being in our heads and dream states, like how we can play with who we are within our dreams. I feel this can link into my project due to how i am experimenting with the ideas of being in the head. within her piece she gives out a lot of nature which is how I want mine to look due to nature being a comfort for me.

Statement from Kendal Murray…..

The artist states: “The idea of creating these miniature works came from dream states and how we are able to play with our own identity, to play with different roles we take on in our dream state. So the miniature works serve as a metaphor for intuitive thoughts.”

This is a statement from Kendal talking about what her art portrays feel this is what gives it a strong link into my work/project. It shows how we can be what we want within our heads but then can be trapped when we leave and wake up.

Kendal Murray’s Miniature Worlds – IGNANT

Gallery I “went” to online…..

So while looking at some of Kendal’s work I saw it was in an exhibit within the Arthouse Gallery so I decided to look at the online gallery are both her work and all the other work. I found some interesting works so ill write about it within another post.

Arthouse Gallery / Exhibition / Group Shows / Renewal

KENDAL MURRAY – Lost and Found, Common Ground

mixed media assemblage
8.5 x 7.5 x 8.5 cm

An Article From The Canberra Times…..

Art review: The peculiar Library at ANCA Gallery | The Canberra Times | Canberra, ACT

This is an article that talks about how the world is now turning to the internet but within the 21st century there was a group of artist where went into a gallery with their work to show their “fight” against it.

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