Cps – Artist Statement

Cps – Artist Statement

My work explores many controversial subjects, this includes how I feel/ what I am going through. A lot of my work looks into the relations between life and death but also the beauty and ugliness of them.

I’m influenced by human biology and emotions and nature. Things I research are finding out how the body works/looks, also on how the mind can be. Sometimes also religion. my art includes using nature to show the good and bad within humans. I like to use any medium to get my context across, This can cause many debates around my works.

Some big artist influence are; Andy Goldsworthy, Travis Bedel, Sun Hyuk Kim. as they work around the same ideas that I do.

Growth 14.12.2020 (Name)

The sculptures are three clay heads from the smallest being 2.5cm x2.7cm to the biggest being 11cm x 8cm. They are plain but have the contrast of the bright plants. The materials I used within the piece is clay and natural materials.

The context of the piece is how a headspace can change. This shows three stages of life; young , teenager and adult. Something that informed the work is life experience. I though about how my younger self felt about herself, then I though about how she feels now.

This work is different from pasts art is this is a series when normally I would have one final piece. Also Most my work is mix-medium but I forced on sculptor for this. I could make new improvements by scaling up the heads. this would allow for more expression through the plants.

I feel my art is intended for everyone but I defiantly feel adults will understand more. As i feel a younger mind wont yet understand who they are or the growth of the mind when you get older.

Drawing – New project


For my new project I wanted to think about something new that other people might not know about/see. I want to let people discover/ learn about something new. for this I wanted to show about seeing things. I feel only some people will see or think things are there but other don’t. just cause you see things does not mean it is a Schizophrenia

For this my first idea was to do some 2-5 mins sketches of what I see.

This is a sketch of something I have seen a lot when I go to the woods. For me the woods is a very calming place, its somewhere I want to go and just be by myself and be myself. As it gets dark I do see things, this is one of them I see a lot within the trees, more times ill see it move either very fast or not at all.

This was one I saw when I was walking near the university. This was while I was walking in the dark. they are scary as hell but interesting of why I see them.

This is one that I see within buildings as they crawl on the roof and they scurry on the floor. This one I feel more first and then see.

One thing I want to do is to go to the woods and do quick sketches on the things I see.

Artist that could relate to my painting project (time and decay)

Artist that could relate to my painting project (time and decay)


Caitlin Hackett

She is one of my favourite artist who is amazed by nature but shows the decay within it.

Image of interest…..

I looked in to this piece due to the way I see the context behind it. To me this shows a life circle of the owl (I understand this might not be the meaning), to me the bottom red whole is the death after the bright blue life. Her art to me speaks a lot about life and death within animals and I really enjoy this. She uses a lot of “alive” masks to cover the death faces.

This is a statement from the artist about her own works. This explains what she wants to show within her work and what inspired her to do this.

Caitlin Hackett Draws the Beautiful Decay of Nature as Ambigrams | Hi-Fructose Magazine


Caitlin McCormack

Caitlin is an artist who works around the theme of decay, by creating skeletons out of string.

These shows the skeleton of a decayed animal, though this doesn’t have the same look as my project due to me looking in to decay over time, I was intrigued within the material she uses to create them (string). I do also like her work and thing i possible could benefit from it.

This is a explanation of how she makes the works and how she manipulate the materials to get them to become more like the thing she is trying to convey .


Kris Kuksi

He is an American artist who is who does realistic art. Made out of random things he can find.

Kris’s works don’t particularly have the same message as mine but I do like the look of it and so want to try something like this as more of a relief piece on a canvas.

This explains materials and also why he makes his work but doesn’t go to much into it.

Sculpture – Kendal Murray


Kendal Murray is an artist who works with the miniatures (I really enjoy her work). She makes little scene on top of random objects. These are mix media piece and he inspiration is being in our heads and dream states, like how we can play with who we are within our dreams. I feel this can link into my project due to how i am experimenting with the ideas of being in the head. within her piece she gives out a lot of nature which is how I want mine to look due to nature being a comfort for me.

Statement from Kendal Murray…..

The artist states: “The idea of creating these miniature works came from dream states and how we are able to play with our own identity, to play with different roles we take on in our dream state. So the miniature works serve as a metaphor for intuitive thoughts.”

This is a statement from Kendal talking about what her art portrays feel this is what gives it a strong link into my work/project. It shows how we can be what we want within our heads but then can be trapped when we leave and wake up.

Kendal Murray’s Miniature Worlds – IGNANT

Gallery I “went” to online…..

So while looking at some of Kendal’s work I saw it was in an exhibit within the Arthouse Gallery so I decided to look at the online gallery are both her work and all the other work. I found some interesting works so ill write about it within another post.

Arthouse Gallery / Exhibition / Group Shows / Renewal

KENDAL MURRAY – Lost and Found, Common Ground

mixed media assemblage
8.5 x 7.5 x 8.5 cm

An Article From The Canberra Times…..

Art review: The peculiar Library at ANCA Gallery | The Canberra Times | Canberra, ACT

This is an article that talks about how the world is now turning to the internet but within the 21st century there was a group of artist where went into a gallery with their work to show their “fight” against it.

Sculpture – leaving My Head.


As I have been looking into head space within in sculpture, I have decided to look into both how I feel and what I image. When thinking about being inside my head I used music a lot to escape it. The piece started as a painting of what leaving my mind could look like. It remind me of Kendal Murray. I am going to be look into her more.

To create this piece I started by painting the background, at first I was just thinking of having this painting as an experiment. This is to be understand how to paint a fantasy world (as this was my first time). I wanted to be able to create a better background for my plaster skull. Once I had painted this, it then developed into a more relief piece. Due to wanted to have a lot more control within making the mushrooms and landscape, I used clay instead of plaster. The water within the artwork is made from melted crayons.

I am now going to paint and complete the plaster skull I have made.