CPS – Gallery research (Yorkshire sculptor park).

Contextual and Professional studies

For this task I need to find a gallery to research and then write about, this needs to be a fairly well known gallery. So I’m going to the the Yorkshire Sculptor Park.

Yorkshire Sculptor Park…..

The sculptor park is in Yorkshire(This is in west Bretton near Wakefield) and is a massive park of 500-acre with over 650 sculptors and basically all of them are for sale. They showcase the works and this helps them be brought,so evetime you go see it there will be changed and new art rotating all the time.

Some Images Of The Sculptors…..

What Type Of Galleries Are They…..

This Gallery is an outside park, full of sculptors form a range of different artist. This makes the park very different as you can walk around the art and in a sense become part of it as well. This also allows you to apricate the work a lot more due to the pure size and details of each work.

When Was the Park Set Up…..

The sculptor park was established within 1977. The founder of the park is Peter Murray. He studied in both art and teaching. He has loads of his own art within other galleries, as he mainly works within 2D.

Who Is The Main Curator And Exhibitions That They Organised…..

Peter Murray is also the main curator and has put on many exhibitions there, these are some of the key ones;

  • Henry Moore and landscape
  • Andy Goldsworthy
  • Barbara Hepworth
  • James Turrell

and a lot more.

They have also won a South Bank Show Award for Visual Arts as well

What Are Some Of There Exhibitions…..

One of the biggest Exhibitions is of Henry Moore as this is one of the biggest collection of bronze work that is outside. All the Exhibitions are outside, In a open air galley. This gives it a some what unique look and feel to it.

as well as a lot of other artist works and sculptures, this park also includes a deer park so had a lot of attention for that too.

What Reviews Have They Had…..

A lot of small artists and bloggers have reviews the park and wrote up about it (as this is how I have found out some of the information). There is also really good views on trips adviser and other website like Facebook.

I cant find any newspaper articles on it or any tv shows or reviews on it. So I would say it doesn’t have any major worldwide reviews or articles on it but does have smaller publishes on it.

I was planning to go to the part but as we have just be put into lockdown i have decided to wait till next year (2021).

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