Painting Project – Space, Time and Structure.


For painting I have a project to do with Space, Time and Structure. By the end of this project I should have developed and made a series of paintings to do around the subject I have chosen (one painting has to be on canvas).

My Subject…..

I enjoy looking into mental health and also questioning things that people don’t really talk about. So I have decided the subject time would be the best fit for me to research and work on. As I feel this subject will keep me motivated and interested in what I am developing.

I feel like time can be such a big subject matter so I want to find a way to cover a lot of aspects without making this project to big. time is something we all experience and we can no escape from we all will be able to relate. This means that my project could have any age audience but due to the maturity of the subject I would say my audience is teenage +.

My Mind Map…..

This is my mind map for all the ideas I had to do with words and questions around the subject time. Some of my main ideas where;

  1. Decay (how things decay over time or what can decay)
  2. Old And New (what makes something old. At what point is it old)
  3. How Much Time Do We Have? (how do we measure time)
  4. What Is Paint? What Is A Painting? (does it have to be on canvas)
  5. How Are Mental Health Can Decay.
  6. What Is Time?

My Mood Board…..

This is some images that I found that I thought could be quite inspiring for my project.

I’m going to look deeper into some of my ideas and do a new post with a drawing of what each could involve and look like. But I’m defiantly going in the direction of time.

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