Painting – Making Canvas.


For this we where given a time slot to be able to go down to the wood work shop and make a canvas. I made one canvas on this day but I also made about 2-3 more the next week.

Explanting How to make it…..

The first thing we needed to do was have someone to explain to us how to make the canvas. I have made a canvas before but it was in morocco, but this was just with very thin wood. So we listened to how to do it and then i started first.

First thing…..

First thing we did was get given soft wood. They where already pre cut to, two small pieces(41 cm) and two longer pieces(59cm). Then I checked over them for notes and also any dents or breaks, as this could effect the outcome of the canvas.

Next I had to mark out where I will be drilling to add the screws within the frame, so I used two Draper to measure out on lines on this wood. This would tell me where I would put the screws into the frame.

The first line was made by the first draper and that was set for around 10-11mm, and the two other lines where made from the second draper which was set to about 5-6mm . I then used a pencil to make these out as they where a little hard to see.

I then grabbed 4 corner clamps, then I put it in the clamps with the bevelled side up. Tightening them up is a little bit hard as each corner clamp had to be tighten bit by bit to make sure each 45 degree angle is right and they do all fit together.

When they where in and fitted together properly, i then used a drill and a countersink drill bit. For this I need to pick one line cross on each of the joins to drill 1 cm polite hole into and then use the countersink bit to drill so the screw would sit flush to the wood. we did tis a total of 8 times and this would be twice on each joint (photo explains it better).

I have never really had the opportunity to use drills before, I was trying to figure out how to use them. Once I had done the first hole I got the hang on it and I did all the polite holes and the countersink wholes.

Then I took the two shortest bit out of the clamps so I could put glue onto the ends. This would helped hold them.

Once they where back in to the clamps and tighten it, I started to drill the screws into the frame. As this was basically my first time using the drills I decided to take it slow when putting the the screws so that I wouldn’t make the screw stick out of the woods and also so I wouldn’t crack the wood.

After this I took the frame out of the clamps and made sure it was flat by putting it on the table, I also then sanded down the sides and corners so that it wouldn’t ripe the canvas.

Then I started to staple the canvas on to the frame, for this I had to put a staple in each side of the frame. Making sure that I had pulled it tight then I would do each side of the frame making sure they are all pulled tight as I could. Also at the convers making sure you pull it in a 45 degree angle to get it pulled for each direction.

Doing the pleating on the corner wasn’t as hard as I use to work a bit with material. I am not going to be able to explain this over text. but once the corners are done then I was basically done. all I had to do was go to the studio and paint the canvas with primer.

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